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Diana Farr Louis was born in the Big Apple but has lived in the Big Olive (Athens, Greece) far longer than she ever lived in the US. She was a member of the first Radcliffe class to receive a degree (in English) from Harvard . . . and went to Greece right after graduation, where she lost her heart to the people and the landscape. She spent the next year in Paris, where she learned to eat and cook at Cordon Bleu, and earned her first $15. for writing—a travel piece for The International Herald Tribune. Ever since, travel and food have been among her favorite occupations and preoccupations. She moved to Greece in 1972, found just the right man, and has since contributed to almost every English-language publication in Athens, particularly The Athens News. That ten-year collaboration resulted in two books, Athens and Beyond, 30 Day Trips and Weekends, and Travels in Northern Greece. Wearing her food hat, by no means a toque, she writes for Greek Gourmet Traveler, The Art of Eating and such websites as Elizabeth Boleman-Herring’s She is the author of two cookbooks, Prospero’s Kitchen, Mediterranean Cooking of the Ionian Islands from Corfu to Kythera (with June Marinos), and Feasting and Fasting in Crete. Author Photo: Petros Ladas

Christmas In 1930s Athens: An Ancient Greek Remembers

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis “These are the reminiscences of my husband Harilaos, known to some of you as ‘Joy of the People,’ a rough translation of his name. As a very youthful octogenarian, he does not live in the past but I make him tell his stories over and […]

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A Few Days In Provence

Carrying canvas bags and capacious baskets, we set off to fill them—with rosé wines (for our aperitifs), eight different types of saucisse, for grilling and for nibbling, cheeses, butter, and three loaves of bread, salads, heirloom tomatoes, and olive-sized new potatoes, for starters. Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr […]

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An Eagle, Three Hares & A Sea Turtle: Reflections On The Summer

“This summer was a time of savoring the familiar, of knowing our corner of Andros so well I can tell instantly when something extraordinary has been added. Like the goat’s skull placed like a totem on a rocky ledge at our favorite beach, the eagle poised for just a moment on an electricity pole, or […]

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Sea Urchin Season

“Foraging for sea urchins is a serious business, requiring special equipment: besides mask, snorkel, and flippers, one needs a net bag or basket for collecting them and a coupe-oursins. This item, invented by the French, of course, resembles the effete device that people like King Farouk used to decapitate soft-boiled eggs. We pry the prickly […]

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Tomato

“Sometimes it seems as though I’m a summer slave to the pomodoro—so christened by the Italians because the first tomatoes to hit their shores were as yellow as gold but resembled apples. I buy almost more than I can carry for sun-drying, chutneys, and tomato paste.” —Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By […]

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Meals That Linger In The Memory

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis   “So what constitutes a memorable meal? Note that I didn’t say perfect. Is it the gastronomy, the skillful marriage of the finest ingredients with a technical expertise developed over decades on the job; or does the shock factor play a part as one encounters […]

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Gardens & Gastronomy in The Land of the Centaurs

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis “So many years had passed since I’d been to Pelion I’d forgotten how truly magical and mythical it is. Although all of Greece is still sporting May greenery, Attica, the Peloponnese, and the Aegean islands remain much drier and barer than this water-rich mountain.”—By Diana […]

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Balkan Miniature in the Zurich Airport

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis “Just when I think of releasing the brake and continuing on my own, my minder reappears with a woman who looks left over from a Carnival party. We exchange smiles but I can’t help sneaking stares at her as he speeds us both down the […]

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Oreanthi: Greek Herbal Teas For The Soul

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge “Occasionally, though, doom and gloom act as a gadfly, spurring people into action, into doing something positive to right the balance. The Oreanthi Herbal Tea Collection partnership is an example.”—Diana Farr Louis By Diana Farr Louis  ATHENS Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—3/17/2014—What do most people do when they get depressed? Usually, we […]

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A Passion for Gastronomy in Provence

“This was the second column I contributed to Weekly Hubris, and I reprint it here with photos and a recipe in celebration of what is almost the fourth anniversary of our online magazine. I submit it with a huge dose of nostalgia, too, because it commemorates our last trip to France. Greek austerity measures have […]

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