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David Christopher Loya is an award-winning filmmaker/director/writer who has created hundreds of productions for national cable and broadcast networks, Fortune 500 companies, public and private Ivy League universities, international NGOs, and charitable organizations. His unique "Conscious Filmmaker"® approach to production has been used successfully by educational institutions and prominent non-profits to raise over $1 billion in donated revenues. Loya's body of work has been recognized by 20 national Telly Awards as well as honors at the New York Film Festival and the Banff World Television Festival. A Los Angeles native, Loya says he grew up in poverty, in a violent and gang-infested, inner-city housing project, where his strong mother and runaway imagination protected him from damage and a hardening of the human heart. "Twelve years a slave" to the nuns, a full academic scholarship to UCLA comprised the lifeboat that transported him to secular freedom. Ironically, despite his abandonment of religious constructs, due to stubborn faith-tradition hold-overs Loya says that he views filmmaking as a vocation analogous to a priesthood-sans-celibacy. An accredited member of the Festival de Cannes, Marché du Film, Loya has traveled the world, forging alliances with filmmakers, distributors, sales agents, private equity investors, and producers, as he continues in active development with multiple feature film and television projects. (For a list of Loya's industry-recognized credits click here:

Apollo 13, The Mission & The Movie

“Along with our idealism, there was an unquestioning faith in the unprecedented technological expertise of the time, accompanied by a blindness to the extreme dangers inherent in these missions. If you stop to think about it for just a moment, how many of us would feel safe today driving the freeways in a 1970s model […]

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God Wants This Movie Made!

“My journey as a filmmaker began down the insidiously perfidious trou de lapin otherwise known as religion, but I wasn’t going to let it end there.”—David Christopher Loya Renegade Lens™ By David Christopher Loya BURBANK California—(Weekly Hubris)—May 2017—“Gentlemen, GOD WANTS THIS MOVIE MADE!” For that added special touch . . . to more emphatically underscore […]

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