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Jerry Zimmerman was born and bred in Pennsylvania, artified and expanded at the Syracuse School of Art, citified and globalized in New York City . . . and is now mesmerized and budo-ized in lovely Teaneck, New Jersey. In love with art and artists, color, line, form, fun, and Dada, Jerry is a looong-time freelance illustrator, an art teacher in New York’s finest art schools, and a full-time Aikido Sensei in his own martial arts school. With his feet probably and it-is-to-be-hoped on the ground, and his head possibly and oft-times in the wind, he is amused by the images he finds floating through his mind and hands. Author Photo: David Zimand

A Three-Hundred-Pound Drunk & Other Aikido Stories

“Our lives are in constant flux, yet we don’t need to be swallowed up in the buzzing stress. It’s possible to make conscious efforts to keep a strong sense of ourselves, to keep a steady center, to trust that by staying still in the eye of the hurricane we will have the time and the […]

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On Being at Harry Simon’s Funeral (Best of “Hubris”)

  “What’s happened over these four years? I really thought Harry’s funeral, at this particular funeral home, would be a truly terrible event for me; all but impossible to get through. Unbearable. I look around at the room, and it’s all so familiar. But—I realize: the great extra emotional weight I expected is missing because […]

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Fear on the Mat

“Yes, we are definitely afraid of being attacked, particularly when we are new to the training, but there is so much more: fear of someone’s strength, fear of someone’s anger, fear of looking bad, fear of comparison, fear of not being able to keep up, fear of failing in the technique, fear of appearing weak—everyone […]

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Next? Waka!

“For me, and the over 400 other lovely maniacs from all over the globe who are my training partners, the camp represents an uber-immersion in our beloved martial art. We are all here to learn from a slew of world-famous teachers, to enjoy the company of old friends, and even to have some real vacation […]

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My Life with Bob Dylan

“And here I am in 2016, sitting next to Sally in this neighborhood arena in Forest Hills, surrounded by people of mostly my generation, all in various states of raw awe, all with their own personal inner relationships with this enigmatic genius that have filled their lives like mine. And I’m listening to his music […]

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The Home Court Advantage (Basketball, Family & Aikido)

“It’s difficult to be ‘away.’ Being away is being not at home, not where your heart is, not where your peace and power reside. Being home is being who you are and who you need to be, being anchored when you go out the front door, being flexible when put upon, being bold when necessary, […]

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A Tale of Three Brothers

“It was the middle of the night, it was snowing, it was bitter cold, and I was in the middle of upstate New York with nothing but farmland around. And I was a couple of hours from my home. I managed to limp to a gas station, where my car promptly went stone dead. I went […]

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Old Corrections, New Understandings (Revisited)

“No matter what is going on between people, it is always a relationship—nothing happens unless the other person is there with his or her energy. No anger, no harmony, no conflict, no love. No nothing. And if you are simply trying to DO something to someone, you may succeed in precipitating a result, but always a result […]

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Being in Two Places at Once

“This ‘answer’ has come to be the watchword of my faith, my touchstone to tap in the midst of problems, unhappiness, confusion, or even joy. It brings focus and perspective to me, and it helps me to be more at peace with all that I cannot change, showing me that life encompasses everything at the […]

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The Truth of My Life & Yours (& Nothing But)

“When the truth appears, especially those truths about myself that I’m not so pleased to see, I am much more welcoming. I know not only the futility of denying and manipulating these facts, but I actually have begun to want to know any and all the truths that I can; the more I see and […]

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