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Jerry Zimmerman was born and bred in Pennsylvania, artified and expanded at the Syracuse School of Art, citified and globalized in New York City . . . and is now mesmerized and budo-ized in lovely Teaneck, New Jersey. In love with art and artists, color, line, form, fun, and Dada, Jerry is a looong-time freelance illustrator, an art teacher in New York’s finest art schools, and a full-time Aikido Sensei in his own martial arts school. With his feet probably and it-is-to-be-hoped on the ground, and his head possibly and oft-times in the wind, he is amused by the images he finds floating through his mind and hands. Author Photo: David Zimand

Old Corrections, New Understandings (Revisited)

“No matter what is going on between people, it is always a relationship—nothing happens unless the other person is there with his or her energy. No anger, no harmony, no conflict, no love. No nothing. And if you are simply trying to DO something to someone, you may succeed in precipitating a result, but always a result […]

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Being in Two Places at Once

“This ‘answer’ has come to be the watchword of my faith, my touchstone to tap in the midst of problems, unhappiness, confusion, or even joy. It brings focus and perspective to me, and it helps me to be more at peace with all that I cannot change, showing me that life encompasses everything at the […]

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The Truth of My Life & Yours (& Nothing But)

“When the truth appears, especially those truths about myself that I’m not so pleased to see, I am much more welcoming. I know not only the futility of denying and manipulating these facts, but I actually have begun to want to know any and all the truths that I can; the more I see and […]

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The Big Smack, or How I Found Aikido

“Growing up, I was interested in all the normal sorts of things my peers in suburban Pennsylvania were interested in, yet there was one thing that seemed to be mine alone, a love for traditional Japanese culture. I was knocked out by calendars of Japanese gardens, books about ancient wood temples, art prints of old […]

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Life & Death in The Sierra Nevadas

“While the pictures of buildings, trains and mountains from these early days are fascinating, what really strikes me are the people. Inching as close as possible to the photographs, I examine the stern and rugged faces, study what they are wearing, how they are standing, who is with whom. There are few smiles, perhaps due […]

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Walking on Earth is Heaven

  “The great attraction for most students of aikido is the underlying philosophy behind all the physical training. Essentially, you can’t keep improving in the art unless you consistently work on yourself, shedding ego, preconceptions and built-in reactions. The great mystery and power of the art is that in order to perfect your self-defense against […]

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Japan, Santa Fe & Noah’s Ark

Squibs and Blurbs By Jerry Zimmerman “We are all presented with moments when we may enlighten ourselves in all sorts of ways: reading a book, listening to a speaker, training in an art, following a teaching, hearing a conversation, contemplating our navels. For some, the call-to-arms rises from within, either slowly or abruptly and, though […]

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Hey, Doc, I’m Over Here . . . & I’m a Business Guy!

Squibs & Blurbs By Jerry Zimmerman “First, I came to realize that Business is the same as anything, the same as Meditation, Martial Arts, Auto Mechanics, Painting a Picture, or Painting a House. It is something one does, and we always—always—have a choice as to how we do whatever we do. Second, Business is people. […]

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Beginner’s Mind: Not Just for Beginners

“My Aikido training is a rare gift: in a busy life, it is a continuing stream of moments given over to a straightforward focus on learning about myself and how I act in the world; moments when all the layers of coarse and frenetic daily life are sifted out to provide rare and clear glimpses […]

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Making My Bed into . . . A Crack in the Universe

“I like my bed made. I like the rooms of my house to look clean and orderly. I assume most of us feel the same way. But, you know, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the real energy for it, and who’s going to see my slightly rumpled bed, anyway? Just me, later […]

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