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Planetary Hospice

“More than 15 years ago, while editing a book about climate change, I concluded that habitat for humans would be coming to an end soon due to abrupt planetary warming. I knew we’d go extinct shortly thereafter. However, the information was too traumatic to act upon, and so I locked it away back in that […]


The Varieties of Dontopedology: Misspeaking

“In 1975, the parents of a 13-year-old girl were relaxing in New York’s Central Park, basking in the glow of a Broadway-musical matinee. In the distance, Dr. Bill Bruehl, the father, spied the Dalai Lama and his entourage strolling their way. Hurriedly, he explained to his daughter who this esteemed man in the flowing, red […]


Apollo 13, The Mission & The Movie (Revisited)

“Along with our idealism, there was an unquestioning faith in the unprecedented technological expertise of the time, accompanied by a blindness to the extreme dangers inherent in these missions. If you stop to think about it for just a moment, how many of us would feel safe today driving the freeways in a 1970s model […]

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The Trump Saga: Part 477

“I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this, Sir, but some nights I have dreams, Mr. President, dreams of you as the baby Jesus, lying in the manger at Radio City Music Hall, surrounded by camels, goats, sheep, and actors with fake beards. I stand near you, watching how adorable you look in your pure […]


I Build a Thing & It Never Breaks

“My heart did not break for three decades and then it did and I began to see things from inside out / and the outside lost sheen and dust / Interior worlds, my own hands, tight skin stretched over other tissues, cellular hooks, latticework / hollow wires pulsing cells through carrying pieces of sun to […]

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Where Monsters Live

“The continuing popularity of the books I’ve mentioned is evidence of our interest in encountering, however vicariously, those archetypal things that go bump in the night. But why? I can’t help but believe it’s our fear of that within us which, by some small measure, just might be ‘consuming’—our darker impulses, our capacity to hate, […]

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A Half-Century of Seeing with Luis Orozco

“What I do remember, and perhaps few others are alive to share these memories now, is that, before the tourists, came the painters. Greece, and the Cyclades in particular, with their ethereal, stunning light, called artists forth from all over the world. Luis and Lilly were not alone, painting in cold island studios in 1960. […]


Baseball is Life

“I love this part of the season. The distortion in today’s schedule, a natural result of the league expansion, means that, often, crucial playoff series are played in weather better suited to football, and the death of a hope-and-dream-filled season occurs in bitter cold, a foretaste of winter instead of a culmination of summer glories. […]

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An Impressive Collection of Bones

“The sequel is often not as entertaining as the original; the son not quite so stellar as his father. (This is especially true in regards to movies.) But, for whatever reason, there seem to be a number of musical sequels that are as enjoyable as the originals.”—Tim Bayer Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer […]

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Hope Triumphant

“Over the next few generations, more and more of the Baal Shem Tov’s miracle-making ritual was forgotten, so when the fourth Hasidic leader was told a now-familiar tale of woe, he was crestfallen. ‘Alas,’ he said. ‘We are a diminished people. I don’t know the chant, I can’t build a fire, and I have no […]