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An Ancient Greek Remembers: Christmas in Athens

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis The iconic Greek family at their dinner table. “When I was young, growing up on Long Island, my father used to bring home The New York World-Telegram and Sun when he came back from his Wall Street office in the evening. Every Christmas season, I looked […]

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Montaigne’s Goat: Certainty & Uncertainty

“If I had been a Jew living under Hitler, I hope I would have mustered the courage to enter a plot to kill the blighter. Holed up in an attic overlooking a street leading to the Reichstag, I would have pawned a kidney if necessary to buy a rifle from a deserter on the black […]

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“Alas, we are a nation of gorgers! Which leads me to ask, what is the void so many Americans are desperate to fill? Given our proclivity to repeatedly overfeed ourselves, and to ‘shop ‘til we drop,’ it’s clear that neither activity satisfies our needs.”—Helen Noakes Waking Point By Helen Noakes SAN FRANCISCO California—(Weekly Hubris)—December 2017—In […]

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Why Humpty Dumpty Fell

“There were three girls jumping/double dutch on the blacktop below/him, and he looked down because/even their voices sounded nimble.”—Charlotte Matthews Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—December 2017—Charlotte Matthews’ most recent book Whistle What Can’t Be Said (2016) chronicles part of her experience with Stage III breast cancer. In addition, she is author of […]

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The “Keeper” of the Peace of Karlowitz

“We had one more stop before leaving for Belgrade. I had to find some tangible connection with the Treaty of Karlowitz. I spoke briefly to the local tourist office, whose guide handed me a map and answered absently that there was a church, called Kapela Mira (Peace Chapel), built on the site where the treaty […]

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And Then What?

“What to do? Remain calm. Nothing is under control. Not by you. Not by me. I’ve tried shouting from the rooftops. I’ve described the horrors of abrupt climate change since my earliest essays on the topic more than a decade ago. Shouting didn’t work for me; I doubt it’ll work for you. Everyone who wants […]


The Queen of the Garden

“Thousands . . . . There was a time when my obsessive-compulsive impulses had me determined to get one of every kind; fortunately, my obsession expired before my financial resources.”—William A. Balk, Jr. Epicurus’ Porch By William A. Balk, Jr. ELKO South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—December 2017—The first of the cold snaps have come and gone and […]



“It was wonderful. I know. I get it. It shouldn’t have been wonderful, but it was. Somehow, the depression that had clouded my days lifted, and my spirits were full of laughter and silliness. I didn’t have to do a damned thing except behave with some dignity, and maintain a good attitude. After a lifetime […]

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Love Notes I: A Rebuke

“Mansfield’s note, then, speaks of more than the universal love triangle. It also sounds out from the now-silent world of the early 20s in Europe and urban America; one in which moral, class and artistic certainties had been shattered by war, though they were still clung to by churchmen and the old families, and brandished […]

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La Princesse Roumaine

“Mademoiselle—I never knew her last name—was a Romanian refugee, a member of the royal family and, we were told, a princess. There were many royals in Romania until the last king, Michael, was deposed in 1947, and the rest of the Romanian Hohenzollern-Sigmaringens scattered throughout Europe and into exile. Marie had become, in one fell […]