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Urban Lepidoptery

“My years (and years) of practical, hands-on engineering experience (changing light bulbs, cleaning out the crumb tray in the toaster, and rewiring the power cord on my Hoover Acc-u-Vac) had enabled me immediately to grasp the potential of this gadget for my particular purposes.”—Ross Konikoff West Side Stories By Ross Konikoff MANHATTAN New York—(Weekly Hubris)—August […]


Becksi Skolovano (“Vienna-Schooled”)

“It was an elderly Serbian who said that, in the Sombor of the Hapsburg era, a Becksi Skolovan person spoke German, Hungarian, and Serbian, the better to communicate with his fellow citizens in their native tongues.”—Alexander Billinis Roaming East Roman By Alexander Billinis CHICAGO Illinois (Weekly Hubris)—August 2017—In 2016, my family and I exchanged a […]

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A Poet’s Reply to the Question: ‘Who is Your Audience?’

“I think it is a collective self you are ultimately writing for, but not a universal one: you are writing for anybody, but not for everybody.”—Anita Sullivan On The Other Hand By Anita Sullivan EUGENE Oregon—(Weekly Hubris)—August 2017— My niece writes romance novels and sells enough books on Amazon to earn herself a six-figure income. […]


The Aerophytes Take Wing

“We will rise up from this place as though we had never been here in the first place, nesting within our sturdy hearts the neighbors we have come to love, but never, I think, looking back with longing on this geography where we have spent two years like air plants: suspended, yet self-nourished . . […]


Unforgettable Paula Wolfert & The Memory Cupboard

“One of the ties that keeps us close is a shared love of food and cooking. When in France or Greece we can spend hours poking around farmers’ markets, discussing menus, and turning our loot into more-than-acceptable meals. Still, it was a delightful surprise when Connie’s obligatory visitor’s gift turned out to be something I’d […]


Trash Talk

“I am known for walking with my eyes to the ground. This may be taken by some as evidence of my melancholy character. To my Edwardian great-aunts, it would have been evidence of future posture and moral problems; a sign that I might not be fit for the muscular, Christian manhood that the imperial projects […]


Apollo 13, The Mission & The Movie

“Along with our idealism, there was an unquestioning faith in the unprecedented technological expertise of the time, accompanied by a blindness to the extreme dangers inherent in these missions. If you stop to think about it for just a moment, how many of us would feel safe today driving the freeways in a 1970s model […]

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Poem Beginning with a Line by Milosz

“When I was in Timişoara, Romania, I discovered these beautiful, tall churches made of mud and straw with exaggeratedly steep roofs. The churches, however, were so small inside they were almost of no use. I asked a peasant why they were made this way. He told me that ‘One grows slender when approaching God.’”—Mark Irwin […]


Understanding Infinity

“Most universes likely blink out as quickly as they arise. They persist for only a few nanoseconds, and fail to produce even a single flower. Some universes, such as ours, are relatively stable. They persist long enough, and have sufficient initial conditions, that life arises. Eventually, intelligent life arises, if you’re willing to stretch the […]


The Hero Crosses the Threshold

“After all, you might postulate, Socrates himself/Was an infantryman, wearing leather with nameless stains,/On latrine duty, chewing olives, pursuing the elf/Called the soul as he chatted. Serene, undismayed/He lived and stayed sane . . .”— Jean Carroll Nolan More Light By Jean Carroll Nolan “. . . yet once, ages ago, they had been everywhere […]