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SCUM of The Earth

“If I’d known she’d tried to kill him, I might have sat at the counter instead of at one of her tables. But I hadn’t known, and I did sit at her table.”—William A. Balk, Jr. Epicurus’ Porch By William A. Balk, Jr. ELKO South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—June 2018—If I’d known she’d tried to kill him, […]


To Whom It Certainly Concerns

“When Jeff Sessions went to California and announced this program, I thought it would be tied up in the courts and never implemented. But now, here it is, being enforced by the United States. Not only is this a human rights violation, but it smacks of tactics used by violent authoritarian governments. Stalin had a […]


Had Enough, Yet?

“[The administration] is characterized by powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism, identification of enemies as a unifying cause, obsession with militaristic national security and military supremacy, interlinking of religion and the ruling elite, obsession with crime and punishment, disdain for the importance of human rights and intellectuals who support them, cronyism, corruption, sexism, protection of […]


Postcard Poems

“It’s as if our home yearns to satisfy us, although lately dinner’s been perfunctory and the dusting lackluster. In this, we sense our home’s human ambition, its human distraction. Tonight, we will loan it our bad dreams; maybe then it will seek comfort in folding and putting away, in wiping clean the patio doors, in […]


Gun Battles: 2018

“‘In the name of freedom, Christmas, and mom,/give every man a nuclear bomb,’/said Kip from a stump—’One man, one nuke!’/Kip still regrets not killing more gooks,/and he’s still ‘gun-ho’ as his friends used to say/behind the bulwarks of Cam Ranh Bay.”—Skip Eisiminger Skip the B.S. By Skip Eisiminger CLEMSON South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—May 2018— Gun Battles: […]

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Thoughts and Prayers for The American Empire

“We started south from Chicago, flanking the Indiana border. When traveling across flat land without bold geographical markers, transitions are subtle but, somewhere in the lower half of Illinois, I felt I was leaving the North and transitioning to a part of the country with a more tribal, blood-and-soil identity. It might have been the […]


Love on East 13th Street: III, Interplay

“We lugged our wine glasses over to the couch. She pushed in the tape and up came a 40s detective story. Halfway through, our lips got too close, and we lost all interest in finding the real killer.”—Ross Konikoff West Side Stories  By Ross Konikoff (Editor’s Note: Read Parts I [] and II [] of […]


Our New Old Home Place

“On the first of January, though, these dreams abruptly ceased after my husband and I drove north, out of Florida, through Georgia, and on up into the Piedmont of South Carolina. Drove home, in fact, though I was born elsewhere, and have lived only nine of my 66 years in the birthplace of my mother […]


Democracy in America

“In the days immediately following the slaughter of so many young people, articulate student voices are reminding America that the right to life supersedes the right to kill. De Tocqueville said, ‘The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.’ It’s […]

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Athens Is The New Athens

“The real revolutionaries are those who keep going with a smile, with a thought for their fellow residents, and respond to our straitened circumstances in creative ways, refusing to be cowed by nefarious politicians and the iniquitous IMF, which keeps insisting on further cuts to pensions while conceding that their own policies helped deepen our […]