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Unearthing The Sky

“We often hear the word quirky applied to contemporary poets (just glance at five random blurbs, you’re sure to find quirky), but perhaps no one writing today inhabits the word quite as fully as Bateman. The premises of her poems are apparently beamed into the atmosphere at a slant from another, logically slippery dimension—yet once […]


On the Pleasures of Writing Mediocre Literature

“Because you’re in a hurry and there’s no time for research, you re-invent the street names in downtown Portland, or pretend to have inside information on the corporate structure and jargon of the film industry in southern California, or make up a new century in which the telephone booth went obsolete. You become truly giddy […]


Luke Hankins’ “A Shape with Forty Wings”

“Love is strange and calls me to stranger things/When I was young I thought that I’d know why./I’ve drawn my life—a shape with forty wings.”—Luke Hankins Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—January 2018—Luke Hankins was born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1984 and grew up in Pineville, Louisiana before moving to his current […]

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A Vial of Wind: “Homo articus”

“Reader, pause here. What followed was, and remains, an utterly unique experience in my life. This was no shop girl waving strips of scented blotting paper, hawking mass-produced aromas in a mall. This was the man who had created new perfumes, from scratch, and who had come to Greece because the country’s botanic wealth might […]


Human Constructs: The Inspiration & Disaster of Myths

“I still struggle every day to find meaning in a universe without meaning. Whom shall I serve? For now, I can serve individuals and society by teaching and acting as if a single life can make a difference in a world gone awry. For now, I can demonstrate the value and importance of relationships, relative […]


An Institution of Higher Learning

“I still have the stained and faded green notebook in which I wrote all the recipes, 96 in all, beginning with velouté de volaille (cream of chicken soup) on October 23rd and finishing with dinde truffée aux marrons (turkey with truffles) and mandarines givrées (tangerines filled with a boozy sorbet). Most of our often very […]


Ludwig, Two Gustavs & Me

“How wonderful that our editor suggested this theme for our first columns of 2018. How timely! For, as I write, the Legion of Honor, a museum in San Francisco, has a segment of Klimt’s mural on display. I’ve looked at it, and will most certainly go back several times to gaze at it again. It […]


Not Well Aged

“As they age, both women and men now become less visible, if at different rates and to different degrees. (It is likely that those egotistical and misogynistic men who aggressively deny that this process applies to them are driven by a repressed and powerful fear of it, just as were the men who used vanitas […]


The Leigh Fermor Effect

“Reading Leigh Fermor’s exquisite prose, about a variety of subjects that I loved, stirred my own lesser and corporate repressed creative juices. This was a man who, when writing about the ‘long eclipsed’ Turkish legacy in Central Europe, referred to their legacy ‘commemorated here and there by a minaret left in their lost possession like […]

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View From the Fridge

“As a trumpet player, I can recall a few stand-out moments of inspiration in my formative years. One was listening to Miles Davis perform the most profound solo on the song “My Funny Valentine,” another was watching Maynard Ferguson as he displayed his unmatched strength and range on the horn. Yet another was hearing a […]