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Rising Time (Best of WH)

  “So they all went to get their digging spoons, and set to work, the eldest with his sterling silver baby spoon from very long ago; the middle child with her sea-shell-shaped sugar spoon; and the youngest child with the runcible spoon. They dug for a while, and then they took off their sweaters and […]

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Stolen Figs, Stolen Spuds (Best of WH)

“Turning his sparkling Corfiot eyes my way, he said, ‘Alekaki, row me to the shore,’ grinning as he stripped down to his Fruit-of-the-Loom tank top and same-brand tighty-whities: ‘We’re off to steal figs!’”—Alexander Billinis Roaming East Roman By Alexander Billinis CLEMSON South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—First Published on 1/25/2016—I remember it well, particularly on a freezing day […]

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The Physicality of Language: From Hand to Mouth (Best of WH)

“Speaking as a poet, I have come to recognize that raw emotions are like rare natural resources: they must be actively mined through some extraction process with tools. They do not obey ordinary verbal commands or cues any more than volcanoes and hurricanes do and, like weather gods, their powers should not be fooled around […]


Summers Remembered, Seasons Foreseen (Best of WH)

  “Summer’s heat brings changes. The exuberant flush of wild growth and mad flowering, the unstoppable compulsion to reproduce that defines callow springtime, gives way to a slower-paced savoring of the gifts of the new season. Warmth is plentiful—indeed, sometimes too much so; clouds of insects perform winged Eros’s role, intermediaries in the reproductive dance […]


The Farther You Go, the Better It Looks: Home (Best of WH)

“Clark Gable is remembered as a thrice-divorced and five-time married screen actor, but he understood what ‘home’ meant: a place you approach knowing someone inside is listening for your footsteps. Whether it’s an over-priced Silicon Valley mansion or a canvas tent pitched on a raft, home is a place where your heart has been marinated […]


Meals That Linger In The Memory (Best of WH)

“So what constitutes a memorable meal? Note that I didn’t say perfect. Is it the gastronomy, the skillful marriage of the finest ingredients with a technical expertise developed over decades on the job; or does the shock factor play a part as one encounters a dish under completely unexpected circumstance or in an unusual setting?”—By […]

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Unforgettable Paula Wolfert & The Memory Cupboard

“One of the ties that keeps us close is a shared love of food and cooking. When in France or Greece we can spend hours poking around farmers’ markets, discussing menus, and turning our loot into more-than-acceptable meals. Still, it was a delightful surprise when Connie’s obligatory visitor’s gift turned out to be something I’d […]


Trash Talk

“I am known for walking with my eyes to the ground. This may be taken by some as evidence of my melancholy character. To my Edwardian great-aunts, it would have been evidence of future posture and moral problems; a sign that I might not be fit for the muscular, Christian manhood that the imperial projects […]


Apollo 13, The Mission & The Movie

“Along with our idealism, there was an unquestioning faith in the unprecedented technological expertise of the time, accompanied by a blindness to the extreme dangers inherent in these missions. If you stop to think about it for just a moment, how many of us would feel safe today driving the freeways in a 1970s model […]

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Poem Beginning with a Line by Milosz

“When I was in Timişoara, Romania, I discovered these beautiful, tall churches made of mud and straw with exaggeratedly steep roofs. The churches, however, were so small inside they were almost of no use. I asked a peasant why they were made this way. He told me that ‘One grows slender when approaching God.’”—Mark Irwin […]