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Three Poems by Patricia Waters

“The novel I finished reading/last night/in my system like a drug,/a hangover, numbing, dulling,/but for something dark, unseen,/some residue, some fated turn./I have outlived myself,/what now?”—Patricia Waters Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—June 2018—Patricia Waters was born and reared in Nashville, Tennessee, took her undergraduate degree at what was then Memphis State, […]


On Ownership

“Occasionally, I see this question, usually in a social-media forum: If you were to eliminate one thing, what would it be? For me, there is no question: ownership. The living planet faces many predicaments. To me, most seem to be rooted in ownership.”—Guy McPherson Going Dark By Dr. Guy McPherson SAN ANTONIO Belize—(Weekly Hubris)—June 2018—Occasionally, […]


What Hath God Wrought? Email & Texting

“On the other side of the Facebook coin, there’s ‘online validation’: buying 500 ‘likes,’ for example, for $6.99. According to one validation provider in an odd effort to reassure customers, their ‘likes’ are ‘100 percent organic.’ And for those who are even more desperate, there’s an online service that provides digital rhinoplasties.”—Skip Eisiminger Skip the […]


Jam Session & A Tribute to My Father

“As my father was born on June 2, 1892, I never fail to think of him this month. A sugar broker who loved his job and the commodity, he would have been horrified by all the bad news surrounding sugar these days and he would have scorned all the substitutes. I don’t have much of […]


The Cotton Bale & The 20s Chevy: A Story from My Father (Revisited)

“We started with an outhouse in the yard and a hand pump in the kitchen. The contractor installed indoor plumbing, but the house was still drafty and we had a single wood stove for heat. In the winter, there might be ice in the toilet bowl in the morning and the exposed copper pipes under […]

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Love on East 13th Street: IV, Ever After

“I burned most of the day kicking around, eyeing my watch. I passed a few lookers on the way home who, under normal circumstances, might have earned a second or third leer, but I was too tormented to make the effort. When I finally got back, I got comfortable and trickled a dozen ounces of […]


Stay Woke: Accept Nothing on Face Value

“Now, yet another front has opened up in the battle against deception. Technology has advanced to such a degree that the adage ‘seeing is believing’ is no longer a guarantor of veracity. So, accept nothing on face value.”—Tim Bayer Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—June 2018—These days, identifying deception and […]


A Late Quatrain for Mr. Carroll

“Pop saw no reason that my youth and gender should prevent me from being interesting company for him. So, while other little girls learned decorum and how to curl their hair, I listened to baseball on the radio and, on Friday nights, to the Friday night fights, presented by Gillette. (‘To look sharp . . […]


The Far Land of Affliction

“Affliction is a well-visited destination, but one on no one’s published itinerary. Our visas are universally stamped (in invisible ink) at birth (and, often, before birth) in our mutable flesh. But, until we arrive at the border and gaze over the wall, we have no true notion of what to expect. Some of us are […]


SCUM of The Earth

“If I’d known she’d tried to kill him, I might have sat at the counter instead of at one of her tables. But I hadn’t known, and I did sit at her table.”—William A. Balk, Jr. Epicurus’ Porch By William A. Balk, Jr. ELKO South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—June 2018—If I’d known she’d tried to kill him, […]