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Love on East 13th Street: Part I

“I needed money, a vacation, and a drink, but not in that order. What I had was a low-rent plaster cave on the dodgy end of West 52nd Street, a tired dinner jacket, a warm coat, and a hot trumpet. I pulled on the last three and left for work. As I closed in on […]


Tell Me What You Ate

“One day, though, I had an epiphany. I must have been about twelve or 13, and my classmate Doris had asked me over for Sunday lunch. They had no servants and her mother was the cook. I can’t remember whether we ate in the kitchen or not, but I do remember watching her take a […]


A Tale of Two Jackets

“To be honest, the shopkeeper’s story was as interesting to me as his wares. Between jackets, I inquired as to his origins. He was an ethnic Turk from Yugoslavia, most specifically the Kosovo Province of Serbia. My wife had studied in Kosovo for a semester and the two of them exchanged some nostalgic memories of […]


From Strangler Figs to Flyovers: Bridges

“My father learned the art of bridge building at the University of Illinois and then taught the art in the Army Corps of Engineers. But before assisting in building three floating bridges to carry allied forces across the Rhine in WWII, he ordered six weeks of reading, writing, and arithmetic for some six hundred of […]


Lost and Found

“‘It has to go all the way to the beginning!’ Holding her hand, I asked (carefully, because questions would arouse consternation) if she wanted me to tell her who she is and how she got here now. ‘Yes!’”—William A. Balk, Jr. Epicurus’ Porch By William A. Balk, Jr. ELKO South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2018—“I can’t understand! […]


Broken Places

“I’ll venture to say that the attack on America by its current leaders is breaking open the carefully tended falsehoods which our nation has so fondly nurtured. And while our country has had social upheavals before, this is, perhaps, the first time that we are being forced to admit that so many hard-fought battles by […]


In Pursuit of The Authentic Life, or Not

“When we recognize patriarchy and its impacts, where does that leave those of us pursuing authenticity? Indeed, attempting to conduct an authentic life in a culture dominated by patriarchy and engendering destruction is analogous to pursuing meaning in an uncaring universe. Does authenticity have meaning in such a universe? Is authenticity a desirable goal, if […]


The Jot’em Down Store, Townville SC

“I know I made some small talk then, but the rest is a blur: the pot-bellied stove and the shelves (and shelves and shelves) of pickles and preserves, put up by Mama Boleman in Mason Jars, were gone. And the rockers. The big house had become very much someone else’s home place.”—Elizabeth Boleman-Herring By Way […]


Tough Love

“The intensity inherent in such relationships is wearing, demanding in the extreme, and likely to produce missteps and strange, if not actually bad, judgment. But, it is glorious. Ashley Wilkes may be virtuous and upstanding, but it is Rhett Butler whose blood sings to Scarlett’s.”— Jean Carroll Nolan More Light By Jean Carroll Nolan SEASIDE California—(Weekly […]


She’s Not An Emily

“It took 20 years and a series of chance events. Adjacent cubicles. Adjacent streets. An overheard comment. Then, 20 years passed me by, unaware that Cupid had targeted me. Sometimes you just get lucky. Serendipity. For me, it was an Emily.”—Tim Bayer Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2018—It took […]