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Blown Away: Boats within Boats

“There are times when words are the last things on my mind. These times are rare (and rarefied), as immersed as I have been, since the age of three, in language. But, on occasion, things come to me clothed in dream or vision and, I must say, these visitations of image never fail to stop […]

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On Bended Knee at Standing Rock

“He has that sense of history that is common among those of us who are graduates of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. What is uncommon, and heroic, is how he has transmuted that keen feel for history, and responsibility in the light of historical knowledge, into words—and deeds.”—Alexander Billinis Roaming East Roman By Alexander Billinis […]

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Heroes, Archetypes & Politics

“Perhaps, there’s a need to revisit another category of heroism: virtuous action and extraordinary bravery that arises out of something other than adherence to a personal code or ruined chivalric hierarchy, or to action in its own right as a dare to chance or fate. What about heroism dedicated to human commonalty; driven by loyalty […]


Heroes for a New World

“I see no heroes in high places in our country. The heroes I see today are walking next to me on the street, riding the train I take, working long hours: the single mothers with two jobs, the men who, because they must care for loved ones, keep quiet when their employers exploit them by […]


Running Headlong Into Danger

Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer Those injured and those helping after the Boston Marathon bombing. Note: This essay first appeared in Weekly Hubris in 2013. BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—March 2017—The first bomb explodes and then a second. There are hundreds of people running. Most are running away from the danger, but there are […]

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The Storytellers Who Changed My Life

“I have been lucky to live with these storytellers who gave me so much material to write about. One regret is that they rarely wrote things down, themselves.”—Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis ATHENS Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2017—Storytellers have always won my admiration and awe. While I think the […]


A Letter to the Future

“If you’re reading these words and comprehending their meaning, it’s too late for my premier bit of advice: do not use written language. It’s temptingly beautiful, like a flower with thorns or a venomous invertebrate. But using language, like using thorns or venom, is a short-term proposition. And death can result from a single contact […]


The “Documented” Story

“My ancestor was a product of two distinct worlds, the Christian and the Muslim, the Ottoman and the Byzantine, and such a symbiosis was far from uncommon, though Modern Greece’s national mythology demands otherwise.”—Alexander Billinis Roaming East Roman By Alexander Billinis CHICAGO Illinois (Weekly Hubris)—February 2017—Greeks are a peculiar people, prideful and prickly. Both quick […]


A Three-Hundred-Pound Drunk & Other Aikido Stories

“Our lives are in constant flux, yet we don’t need to be swallowed up in the buzzing stress. It’s possible to make conscious efforts to keep a strong sense of ourselves, to keep a steady center, to trust that by staying still in the eye of the hurricane we will have the time and the […]

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Meteors, Hercules & The Secret Life of Stories

“The physicality of writing on paper with an implement that is silent, free from the subversive electronic tension of the screen, and blessedly insignificant, gives me a little purgatory of irresponsibility that allows regular, robust visitations to my self as a headstrong child with an enormous secret inner life.”—Anita Sullivan On The Other Hand By […]