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Instructions for Walking Through Walls

“The two of us had not spent more than 4 or 5 hours in one another’s company for the last 20 years, and our occasional telephone conversations had been an ordeal for both of us. The only way we were each going to survive this searing initiation into a new relationship was for each of […]


God Wants This Movie Made!

“My journey as a filmmaker began down the insidiously perfidious trou de lapin otherwise known as religion, but I wasn’t going to let it end there.”—David Christopher Loya Renegade Lens™ By David Christopher Loya BURBANK California—(Weekly Hubris)—May 2017—“Gentlemen, GOD WANTS THIS MOVIE MADE!” For that added special touch . . . to more emphatically underscore […]

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“But for today, these few words about a remarkable man who, despite enduring immense loss, despite having been a prisoner of war in a Japanese concentration camp, held fast to his wonder at the beauty of life and the universe we occupy.”—Helen Noakes Waking Point By Helen Noakes SAN FRANCISCO California—(Weekly Hubris)—May 2017—Easter has come […]


Nothing to Wear! Nothing to Wear!

“Paisley became the center for the largest production of these fancy Victorian manufactured shawls, lending its name to the pattern motif so strongly identified with the shawls woven there. That ‘Paisley’ pattern immediately suggests an elongated rounded droplet shape, with the pointed tip drooping. Someone old enough to remember the hippie styles of the 1960s […]


Voyage to Cycladic Donoussa

“Donoussa had no roads until the 1950s. The Greek state gave the island funds to join the port at Stavros with the island’s two other main communities—Mersini on the south-east coast and Kalotaritissa in the far north. The workmen were paid 14 drachmas a day. The work was completed in 1955. Mersini is a delightful […]

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Pieing It Forward: Clowning

“In March of 2017 as I write, many Americans like myself are bewildered by a ‘jester’ who has seized the ‘throne,’ and it remains to be seen how the leveling will fare under his good-cop-bad-cop rule. Seeking some comic relief after Donald Trump’s election, I suggested to my wife that we ‘send in the clowns,’ […]

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On Becoming American

“This is a country made up of people like me, immigrants and refugees, who fled here because they believed in the promise of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Who upon reading Amendment I—‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of […]


Bucket List

“I try to keep in mind how I came into the world: struggling for air, and then crying. Covered in somebody else’s blood, slapped on the ass by a stranger, with nothing to my name. Not even a name. It got worse from there. And then, because I chose wisely my time and place of […]


Animalia Domestica

“I would often be left under the watchful care of the young dog, by now an adult but still unbred, while my parents and grandparents busied themselves with their responsibilities. Still unable to stand on my own, I would pull myself upright by grabbing hanks of Buppy’s lustrous coat, and she would stand firm and […]

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Quislings in Pinstripes

“My sole original thought this spring is this: what’s with the god-awful pinstripe suits now being worn by every pol, pundit, and latter-day-Pétain in Washington, DC? I long for the mavens of ‘Queer Eye for The Straight Guy’ to enlighten me. Is there some deep structure to these garish suits? These crisp, expensive white shirts? […]

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