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Love Probably

“In honor of Valentine’s Day, a few little snippets about love.”—Helen Noakes Waking Point By Helen Noakes SAN FRANCISCO California—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2019—In honor of Valentine’s Day, a few little snippets about love . . . . I I once thought love was cinemascopic But, now, I find it quite myopic. With blurred lines wistfully geotropic […]



“I grieve to think of a world where the tiger’s tread is felt no more, where the elephant’s trumpeting is only a faint echo. The wholesale loss of wildlife doesn’t mean fewer National Geographic specials. It will further fray the slender lifeline that tethers us to our spiritual home.” — Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel  By […]


Tried & Found Wanton: The Language of Sex (Revisited)

“So, exactly how do humans reproduce if we don’t bifurcate, pupate, or molt? I’m glad the answer to the overwhelming question of my adolescence was not left entirely to my parents.”—Skip Eisiminger Skip the B.S. By Skip Eisiminger “The mad, white fish of the oval realm/often led me to ask, ‘Who’s at the helm?’” “The […]

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Engineer, Check. Geek? Nerd?

“If you don’t know the difference between a geek and a nerd, or know how an engineer views the world, there’s a video that may help.”—Tim Bayer Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2019—If you have seen a number of my posts, you probably understand why I describe myself as […]

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Hugging Was Enough for a While . . .

Addison By Mark Kershaw ATLANTA Georgia—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2019—  

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Corey’s Coming: Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

“The parable I am about to tell you this morning is a compilation of seemingly disparate threads: a song by the great storyteller Harry Chapin; an experience I had with a church parishioner in Delaware; and what I know to be true from the deep wells of scripture.”—Robin White Wing + Prayer By The Reverend Robin […]


Finding Meanings in Life

“Finding one’s meaning in an ambivalent universe is one thing. After all, one’s authentic purpose must come from within and it might take years to discover. Finding one’s meaning on an indifferent planet rapidly running out of habitat for humans is the ultimate raw deal. It is as though you have worked tirelessly to become […]


Depicting & Editing Storefront Window Reflections

“I invite you to be open to some additional ways of viewing and interpreting such images, aside from the straightforward mirroring effect captured in the elusive moment. Seek out the depths in multiple layers, the hints of reflective controversy, the crossover between reality and imagination. There is a story here, open to your own personal […]


The G-Word

  “I know I am not alone in this. I also understand that older, wiser people will say “revel in the time that you have with your children when they are little and the sweet quiet moments you have with your husband”. But that is something said with hindsight behind them. I currently have all […]

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Hollywood/Bollywood . . . It’s Only a Shower

“My shower ritual continued to evolve over the years,  one thing added on another until it  required a contoured, long-handled back scrubber, no-skid germ-resistant shower mats, scalp and hair rejuvenating gels, foot scrubbers, three gradations of loofah sponges, shampoo and rinse trays, soap dispensers, a custom shower head, and a vast array of emollients of […]

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