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Rise, Salman. Rise.

“In the spring of 2003, The Royal Shakespeare Company helped to bring a theatrical production of Rushdie’s allegorical novel Midnight’s Children to the stage of the Apollo Theater. At the time, and still today, it is my favorite novel by the great man, and I thought it would be a wonderful surprise for my partner […]


The Bird That Swallowed the Music Box (Revisited)

“I am a merry-go-round mannikin yanked by the pole at the top of my head and tossed off the wheel. My pole goes into the soft ground. I see the whirling stars beneath my chin. I hear that foolish bird, the ancient one, swallow the music box when a lesser god tossed it out of […]

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“I saw stretching out before me endless days of dealing with those demands, of setting aside my life for a person who terrorized me as a child. Something within me demanded that I behave correctly towards her, that I bury the memories of abuse which, when I reached puberty expressed themselves psychologically rather than physically. […]


Baron Konikoff, Tinseltown Svengali

“I’ve never considered myself the equal of George du Maurier’s Svengali, able instantly to capture the heart and soul of any woman, nor are my good looks on the same terrace as Cary Grant’s (that’s to say they’re beyond throwing distance), yet it seems that each time I’ve been in close proximity to a celebrity […]


Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

“Inconveniently, Earth is headed for a dead ocean. As founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson has repeatedly said, “if the oceans die, we die.” After all, life on Earth originated in the ocean. According to an 8 April 2020 paper in Nature by Trisos and colleagues: ‘We project that future disruption of ecological assemblages as a result of […]


On Sacred Grounds: Coffee

“‘All aboard,’ cried the conductor as the steam whistle underscored his cry. ‘Oh, dear, the train’s leaving,’ said a traveler at the lunch counter, ‘and my coffee’s too hot to drink.’ ‘Drink mine, Ma’am—hit’s already been saucered and blowed,’ said a gentleman in the days before Styrofoam. Thanking this stranger, she gulped down his coffee, […]


The Poetry of David Dodd Lee

“When fog hangs this thick there is the pinkest/odor of trouble     One chair at the table’s made/of painted wood and sits empty     Before we settled/this country     before we stole it    a mist like this/might fill the interstices of endless trees/When I read an address through a cellophane window/on […]

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Meet Me On the Corner

“I’ve been thinking of my father lately; one night, I was remembering how he used to meet me on the corner when I walked home from my best friend’s house after dark. If I could define the word ‘safety,’ it would be that moment when I would spy my father under the streetlamp waiting. I […]

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Milatos, Crete: A Wintry Portfolio

“I did not visit Samaria this time around, but instead spent three weeks closer to the east coast of the island in a very sleepy village called Milatos, located between Iraklion and Aghios Nikolaos and about one kilometer from the beach—mind you, the beach in February, not to mention during the coldest, wettest February in […]

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The Beautiful Evil

“You might wonder why I’m recounting these ancient myths about women. Why now? Because they matter, now. Because the subjugation of women continues to this day. Because it is time to look at the deluded, dangerous, and misogynistic origins of this behavior which persists in the false doctrines of certain religions, and because all these […]

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