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A Tribute To June Marinos, Eggplant Lady, & Much More

“It all began on a tennis court in the late 1980s. I was co-editing a magazine for a Greek hotel chain and we were searching for someone to do a food column. It never occurred to me to write it myself. Whom to ask but my French tennis pal? You can always rely on a […]


Glögg & Lutefisk: Scandinavia

“For reasons of my own, when I think of the Swedes, when I put aside the fact that they gave the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan, I think of meatballs, nightingales, massages, smorgasbords, and Volvos.”—Skip Eisiminger Skip the B.S. By Dr. Skip Eisiminger I. “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.”—Nordic proverb CLEMSON […]

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The Power of a Good Swear Word

“Ben is not even three and his brain will soon reset much of the information he has already learned. But impressions are being made. Confidence and life experiences are being formed. His personality is developing before my eyes and every time I place a truly nasty word in his vocabulary, I run the risk of […]

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The Poetry of J. Drew Lanham

“Then—/when the once sturdy barrier/is too old; beyond repair—/down to some skeleton/of former fence glory,/the meadowlarks seek new perches/to sing prairie songs/on last autumn’s stakes/of mullein stalks,/yellow breasts glowing like rising suns,/as the shrikes find thorns/to hang limp treasures/of butchered mouse dead.”—By J. Drew Lanham Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—January 2020—Dr. J. Drew Lanham […]


The Wheels Grind: Thoughts on Self & War

“I know the terror of being torn away from people and places I love, time and again, and the anguish, shame and self-alienation that come from injuring others. Though I moved to Greece mostly out of a desire to live and write in this part of the world, I also came as a sort of […]


Love in the Time of the Sixth Mass Extinction

“We are in the midst of abrupt, irreversible climate change. We are in the midst of a Mass Extinction Event on Earth. How shall we act? What moral code(s) can guide us? These two questions form the basis for my ongoing work, which I occasionally refer to as Planetary Hospice.”—Guy McPherson Going Dark By Dr. […]


On The Other Hand

“I’m not really talking about painting at all, I’m talking about sketching. I don’t even own any paint except for a couple of cans stored in the garage and last opened five years ago to cover the walls in my bedroom. But I find myself thinking like a painter; I am seeing and feeling the […]

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Resolution, Revolution

“I have often—too often—felt like a tourist in my own life, pausing long enough to take a snapshot or buy a tacky souvenir, but not to see or do or learn anything memorable or enduring. I dressed the part, too. In my youth, my passport to the unexamined life bore many, many stamps.”—Burt Kempner Pinhead […]

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About Time, Too!

“One is New Year related, another is time related (so sort of New Year related); the other three are all over the damn place.”—Mark Addison Kershaw Addison By Mark Addison Kershaw “Every time is a time for comedy in a world of tension that would languish without it. But I cannot confine myself to lightness in […]

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Star Trek (Matthew 2: 1-12)

“The journey must have begun after sunset. When you follow a star, you can only walk at night, when the world is not so busy, so noisy. When you travel at the rate of a star, too, you move very, very slowly. Since stars pass across the heavens over a period of months, there is […]