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My Gospel of Q: A Nonbinary Emergence

“When, almost 70, I fell into Minta’s arms, when I lay with her naked, and wrapped myself around her, I wept for sheer joy. This, this, this was where I should have been all along, I realized (and realized in my marrow): how, how, how could I have gone almost all my life without knowing […]


Incomparable: Anita O’Day

“When she changed her name to O’Day, one of greatest exponents of the art of jazz singing came into being. Her unique sense of rhythm and dynamics quickly set her apart, and she demonstrated her great skills with the bands of Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, and Gene Krupa. After leaving Krupa in 1946, O’Day set […]

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Arundhati Roy & Rachel Carson: Two of My Guides

“Misogyny and racism are outcomes of every civilization. This latest version—the industrial, global model—is no different from its predecessors, except in magnitude. Much of the misogyny and racism is sufficiently hidden from view that many people claim they do not exist. Particularly obvious among the deniers of misogyny and racism are Caucasian men.”—Guy McPherson Going […]


Addison & The Women

“Generally speaking, women seem to respond favorably to my drawings of their gender, as long as they believe it is a drawing of someone else and not of them. The one time I proudly presented a nude figure drawing I’d done of that same female her response was ‘Why do you hate me?!’”—Mark Addison Kershaw […]

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“Perhaps they left the door to their hearts open too long, for fear and doubt managed to follow the trail blazed by love. They retreated to their respective corners, he to nurse the pain of lost love and she to revisit the ruins of a brief, disastrous first marriage.”—Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel  By Burt Kempner GAINESVILLE […]


Beauty Secrets of the Ancient Amazons

“Articles of clothing designed for cold weather, along with quivers full of arrows and horse gear, have been found in the graves of women warriors of Scythia, who lived across south Russia and Siberia 2,500 years ago. The women’s skeletons reveal the effects of a harsh lifestyle of riding and warfare. How did saddle-sore Amazons, […]

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Bad Girls of the Bible–Episode One–Eve

“Do you or don’t you want to know who did this? (ADAM nods) Thank you! I can’t figure it out without talking it out, do you understand? (Short pause) That tree was like nothing else in the garden. Everything about it was enticing. It had grace and poise. It was exquisitely shaped. Its colors, just […]


Jacky Tyrwhitt, Remembering an Extraordinary Woman

“The moment she walked into the office, I saw that she was not scary at all, but warm, delightful, funny, and kind. She was thin but wiry, and although her hair was white, she had the face of a sprite, lively and curious. She told me to call her Jacky. Had I known more about […]


Human Animals?

“The projected rate of climate change based on IPCC-style gradualism outstrips the adaptive response of vertebrates by a factor of 10,000 times. Closer to Homo sapiens, mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape the current extinction crisis. Humans are vertebrate mammals. To believe that our species can avoid extinction, even as non-human vertebrates and non-human […]



“When I had fallen asleep, I could not tell, but sometime in the hush of darkness, coyote came. His glowing eyes staring at me through the glass woke me, their silent intensity captivating. I sat up slowly, not wanting to frighten him away. He remained very still, examining me intently. We gazed at each other […]