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The Silence of It

“Let’s imagine that silence roams our world and sometimes inhabits a segment of space/time, effectively blotting out any sound that was there previously. And as an analogy, poetry roams our world as an innately wordless being, which sometimes inhabits a group of words, effectively banishing any prior ‘narrative’ meaning and instead infusing the words with […]

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“The Almond Tree Song,” By Becky Dennison Sakellariou

“Driving along once on some country road in Greece, I thought about how I would really like my death to be. And so the poem came . . . .”—Becky Dennison Sakellariou Where Words Go  By Becky Dennison Sakellariou ATHENS Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—November 2019—Poet Becky Dennison Sakellariou was born and reared in New England, but has […]


When Wanderlust Meets a Flagging Libido: Japan, with a Side Trip to Sri Lanka

“After the Japanese national soccer team lost in the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, they left their locker room spotless with a note thanking the Russians for their hospitality. After all, the players had been educated in schools where they spent 15 minutes each day doing custodial work.”—Skip Eisiminger Skip the B.S. By Dr. Skip […]

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Filling the Void

“I wound up taking several of his workshops, eventually doing an MA with him and, in the process, learned how to focus intently on details in my writing, to not be satisfied with easy poems, but to work and rework each piece. And I learned why reading widely, carefully, and deeply is so important (‘Read […]


A Useful Life: Teaching

“Nature will not yield to any combination of weapons and surveillance. The Sixth Mass Extinction and abrupt climate change are subject to neither human will nor a change in the living arrangements of humans. This time, nature bats last.”—Guy McPherson Going Dark By Dr. Guy McPherson “The things taught in schools and colleges are not […]


The Poetry of Chrissy Kolaya

“They play at being retired or married, spend the night in a featherbed four feet off the floor, where/they make love, where she crawls beneath the covers and the bed creaks with no one to hear it./That afternoon, she floated in circles in the pool, music drifting out over the deck./At dusk, the couples arrive. […]

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A Feast For All Seasons

“Repeatedly poring through Prospero’s introduced me to a far greater range of flavors and ingredients than I’d thought possible. To this day, whenever I come across the book’s recipe for Venetian Pastitsio, I salivate: it’s a huge pie, filled—like the proverbial kitchen sink—with chunks of game, pork, organ meats, fowl, and spiced with cinnamon and cloves, […]


Misplaced Anger at a Cleaning Product & Other Such Postpartum Tales

“There is a roll of Bounty paper towels that sits in my mud room closet. It is a smaller roll of paper towels than any sensible person with a small child should own. It is individually wrapped which, again, symbolizes a departure from how I normally purchase practical household products. I buy bulk. Individually wrapped […]

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Grace Amidst Messiness

“Throughout the years, Calli has taught me so much about living with frailty and an illness that is not only ‘messy,’ but which can lead to more and more serious and even fatal afflictions. I have learned to let her be a dog despite my desire to keep her from doing things that might aggravate her […]


Cost Consciousness: Luke 14: 25-35

“What we hear from Jesus in Luke today, I believe, are words addressed to impetuous volunteers. In essence, Jesus says, ‘Think about what you are doing and decide whether or not you are willing to stay with me all the way. It is going to cost you something, so calculate that cost and choose to come […]

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