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Much Fahdodo About Nothing

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that might have been sufficient back in the day but, with word inflation over the years, a thousand words really won’t get you much today. Hell, even the president can reach a thousand words in a few crazed 4 a.m. Tweets. So, sit back, relax, […]



“My people are dying,” said the whale. “Our only salvation lies in becoming land animals again. Each time the dolphins and we beach ourselves, we get a little farther inland. I’ve gone past where my father got and he outdistanced his own father. Eventually we will walk upon the Earth once more.”—Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel  […]


How to Escape the Flu & Other Responsibilities

“For years, I have kept a set of file folders in the back of the ‘General Reference’ drawer of my four-drawer, salmon-colored file cabinet, and inside these folders are classroom assignments for a perfectly wonderful imaginary class I am always preparing for, to let students know that the biggest secret about language is that it’s […]


Imbibing Spirits (Revived)

“He hopped a freight train one day, unannounced, and hoboed his way across the country. Reaching the end of the line in New Mexico, he spent the next year and a half as a working cowboy. He made no contact with his family back home until he was ready to return and, when he returned, […]


Recipes for Comfort of the Wintry Soul

“Even though I majored in English Literature in college, I was never fond of Ezra Pound’s poetry (or politics). Even though T. S. Eliot dedicated ‘The Waste Land’ to him, calling him il miglior fabbro—the best maker—because of his valuable editing (and playing on the original Greek meaning of the word poietes, maker/creator/poet), to me […]


The Poetry of Rick Mulkey

“Donne’s flea, Keats’s cricket, Dickinson’s buzzing fly,/and Neruda’s lust-filled generic crawler/ making its way across a lover’s hip, to name a few.”—By Rick Mulkey Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—January 2019—Rick Mulkey is the author of five poetry collections including, Ravenous: New & Selected Poems, Toward Any Darkness, Bluefield Breakdown, and Before […]


Honest to God: Psalm 22

“But, Oh Best Beloved, without psalms of lament, we are cut off from our anger or our grief. We give up the opportunity to be honest with God about our emotions. Just as within all intimate relationships, the absence of honesty taints our relationship with God. If we cannot pray the full range of psalm […]

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Porch Pirate Payback

“Your package was delivered . . . and then stolen. If you are Mark Rober, this demands an ingenious engineering response. It’s time for porch pirate payback (and fart spray). YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”—Tim Bayer Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—January 2019—The tracking lists your package as delivered. However, there is nothing waiting by […]

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Greece on Emulsion Transfers

“Even now, as I play with the emulsion, a subject comes alive in my hands. Throughout the process, I am able to revisit elements I long for. I am able to feel the light, see the colors, hear the sounds. I am transferred, myself, for a brief yet enduring moment. The implausible sensation of freedom […]


Pressum Diem

“I, myself, doubt that many people reading these words have three years to live. Habitat for humans on Earth will disappear shortly after the Arctic ice is gone, which is likely to occur in the summer of 2019. Three decades is a pipe dream to be experienced by no humans on Earth.”—Guy McPherson Going Dark […]