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Every Physician Should Be Antiracist: A Medical Student’s Call to Action

“I’ve known the harsh reality of Black people in America for my entire life, and I’ve learned more about how medicine has played a part in our oppression over the past few years. It’s hard to hold, and has become especially difficult during this time. I’m afraid to leave my house after dark. I’m terrified […]


The Chain of Events After the Dance

“As a kid, studying Haitian history made me proud to be born in a country that was such an example of our greatness as Black people. Haiti managed to defeat the French army, one of the most powerful and ruthless armies in history. Our victory was due to Dutty Boukman, a voodoo priest who helped […]


I Am Not Crazy—Just Black

“Everywhere I go and every day of my life, I am reminded that I am Black—the you-don’t-belong stares; the being stalked while shopping; the getting pulled over, for no apparent reason; the expectation that I speak for all Black people. And the worst and most heart-wrenching reminders are the senseless and violent losses of so […]


Color Not Recognized

“As we patter/Using our voices and media to try and save future lives/Digging in our past as a drive to survive/The repetitive waves without usage of guns and knives/As they arrive.”—Khris Robinson Color Not Recognized By Khris Robinson BOSTON Massachusetts—(Weekly Hubris)—1 August 2020— “Color Not Recognized” By Khris Robinson Chanting Black Lives Matter As the […]


Bewildered & Black

Bewildered & Black “America is broken and, in this brokenness, we need to name our ailments and tame them, accordingly. Reset our mindset! There are many who are content merely to be, but most find themselves emboldened now to ferociously participate in democracy, as a moral coalition.  Democracy is a life-long habit, and we must […]


Sick & Tired

“Got a foot in my chest,/Call it life’s rude awakening,/I ain’t a kid no more,/Can’t just thrash bout and call folk out,/That’s just the type of stuff that gets me tossed out,/Concrete jungle gon swallow me up,/And maybe there,/My light might shine through,/Till then,/I’m sick and tired of being tired,/I’m sick and tired of looking […]


(Don’t) Pardon My Tone & Cracked Foundations

“There is not enough time to unpack the impact simply living while Black has had on my consciousness. The hyperawareness that stems from the battling of stereotypes, the experiences of shopping while Black, or the shortening of my given name by others because it is ‘so hard to pronounce.’ Not enough time to explain how […]


Whom Do You See When You Look at Me?

“I am a proud, highly educated Black woman who grew up in the South and, though I was called a ‘nappy-headed nigger’ at a summer camp, I did not let this deter or hinder me from graduating at the top of my class. I am a proud, highly educated Black woman who attended a historically […]


A Reminder from the Pandemic: Service Remains Worthwhile

“When asked why we are here, the inimitable American author Kurt Vonnegut frequently quoted his son Mark and also his uncle. The former individual, between stints in a psych ward and Harvard Medical School—and apparently those were two different facilities—Mark Vonnegut answered, ‘We are here to help each other through this, whatever this is.’ According […]


It’s Not Collecting, It’s Composting: Creative Reading

“Once during an in-class writing assignment, a bright freshman asked me if ‘anal retentive’ was hyphenated or two words. I suspected she was joking, but I answered seriously, ‘The way I stuff my files, I’m tempted to say it’s one word. Of course, it’s two unless it’s being used as a compound adjective, but if […]

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