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Another Day That Will Live In Infamy

“Because I knew all this, because I’ve seen what villains of Trump’s ilk can do, because I know that creatures such as he attract followers of the vilest levels of humanity, and fools who will believe lies, and because I also knew that our government was replete with the former, I descended into a depth […]

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The Poetry of Derek Berry

“i wear a wedding dress/woven of queen anne’s lace/& wisteria. i slip a garter/of lichen off my thigh./i do not recognize, at first,/the effigy of desire:/burnt moss for hair,/putrid/bog breath./not every incandescence is beacon,/some only a house burning/or body/lit from within.”—By Derek Berry Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—November 1, 2021—Aiken, South […]


Underground Afghanistan Gay Five-Minute Dating

“I believe it means Western capitalists. I learned it from my friend Aaron, a fighter from a land called Haifa. He blew himself up for the Taliban, although it was not intentional. He was vaping in the supply room when a spark caused the Clorox fumes to ignite a pile of missiles, but we were […]

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This Lifelong Voyage In A Paper Canoe

“I remember crawling on the dirt, crawling because I am unable to stand unassisted. I am underneath a structure, in its shadow, while all around there is bright sunshine on weedy grass. I feel energized and curious, not fearful, perhaps even excited. I am determined to reach the far edge of the shadow cast by […]


A Conversation with Leaves

“And what the leaves told me, now that I was listening, was that I have it all wrong. Leaves are not part of the trees and shrubs that grow them. They only live there for a while. The willows and alders waken in the spring and their buds break and the leaves emerge, but it’s […]

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Looking to Place Blame?

“Of course, I would love to be wrong about all this information. I do not want our species to go extinct, and I certainly do not want us to take all life on Earth with us. In light of this perspective, which you probably share, we have a few alternative routes. First, and easiest, we […]


Tran’s Journal: A Worth Above Rubies

“The engine ran for one day, and it broke down. We tried to fix it, but it was helpless. After that, we just let the boat drifted to wherever it wanted to. We floated out at sea for 26 days without any food or water. A lot of people died of starvation during those 26 […]


From the Oracle of Tucker

“Technically, Kershaw lives in Tucker, but there are many place-names in Georgia (Iron Stab, Shake Rag, Snapfinger, and Hog Mountain occur to me right offhand) that I would not want to claim as a home address. And Atlanta does sound better than Tucker. But, as I have run the artist/photographer known as Addison to earth, […]

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Forgetting the Names of Things

“I knew these plants better now than I ever did back in those botanical days of looking things up and labeling them. I know them as friends, as members of my community, as fellow inhabitants of the good green places I’ve now inhabited for so many years. How many springs had Gail and I pointed […]


“De Aanslag” (The Assault)

“These evocative images only sharpen a set of questions of which their photographers seemed oblivious. If the medic was sensitive enough to capture the soul of an elderly fisherman, how could he not see in that man’s eyes a hint that the army he was part of had just captured a nation? How could someone who took […]

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