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The Beautiful Evil

“You might wonder why I’m recounting these ancient myths about women. Why now? Because they matter, now. Because the subjugation of women continues to this day. Because it is time to look at the deluded, dangerous, and misogynistic origins of this behavior which persists in the false doctrines of certain religions, and because all these […]

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The Poetry of R. Flowers Rivera

“All my life, in any place,/ for no reason, my grandfather’s 280 acres call out my name. Free and clear./Sister Gary, Gay, Gaynette. But all those stale breaths have gone somewhere/else. Cool dirt, open graves. I have outlived them all. My recollections/remain imperfect as I tell and re-tell the tales. As they are—or were/—not necessarily […]

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Peak Oil Has Gone Away (NOT)

“Conventional oil peaked in the United States in 1970. It was clear the US was no longer the world’s swing supplier in 1972. Shortly thereafter, OPEC was formed to ensure that political power remained with the most important material every discovered for sustaining civilization: oil. Among the consequences of the US passing peak oil were […]


Hermit Song

“Back in the late 1970s, I landed what seemed the perfect job for one who likes himself better when hanging out with wild things in wild places than when with others of his own species. That wildlife inventory work took me into remote corners of Jasper National Park, alone, for days on end. More often […]


“‘Orwell’s Roses,’ by Rebecca Solnit”

“Nineteen Eighty-Four was published in the spring of 1949, less than a year before its author’s death, in January 1950. In a statement published in Life magazine, addressed to the head of the United Auto Workers union in the US, he wrote, ‘I do not believe that the kind of society I describe necessarily will […]

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An Ill Wind

“Does your life feel like a microcosm of what’s going on in the greater world? That everything that could go wrong is going wrong? Nothing as dramatic or appalling as being targeted by missiles fired from the Black Sea, but sliding or lurching out of control? I admit that mishaps can become magnified as one […]


Still Under the Rain Bird’s Spell

“For me, the most evocative human sense involves what comes in at the ear. And one sound in particular has the power to conjure up my entire, sweet childhood, from my first moment of consciousness till the summer I left for Greece, closing behind me the door on Rain-Bird-drenched California. I hear a Rain Bird, […]


The Unbearable Sweetness of Being

“Have I described to you, Dear Reader, the perfect, summer sweetness (that of a warm berry, fresh-picked from the bush, in July) of many of Addison’s cartoons? I believe it is the single most impossible (of a palette of impossibles) and ineffable component of the cartoonist’s art.”—Elizabeth Boleman-Herring Addison By Mark Addison Kershaw ATLANTA Georgia—(Weekly Hubris)—1 […]

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The “Immigrant Problem” in Greece

 “Most of the Athenians I know won’t even look at these people. They just ignore them until they go away or, if they don’t go away, yell at them, so I feel like such a caring individual because I give them a euro to go away. But what if I could give these boys (because […]

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The Poetry of Susan Tekulve

“These days, though, I leave the lavender alone./I prefer brushing their velvety leaves accidentally, releasing/    their soapy scent, summoning the bees/whose hind claws are so compacted with pollen/they appear to wear tiny yellow combat boots/as they roll tipsily in bowls of tea roses and lilies./Standing beside them, I dig my toes into dirt,/knowing, finally, […]

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