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In the Image of the Beloveds

“Even in these early pastorals, ghosts threaten quietude. Storm clouds loom; wind tosses trees; a farmer looks anxiously at the sky; a horse and cart are rendered by trick of perspective tiny and vulnerable under a brooding penumbra of woods and dusk. It is as if there is a knowing nod here to a reckoning; […]

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My GBO Moment. It’s Disc Golf. It’s a Thing.

“On one morning, I happened to be on the same card with a professional disc golfer who was ranked No. 9 in the world. I was playing well. I was in the lead. This was my GBO moment.”—Tim Bayer Won Over By Reality By Tim Bayer BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—April  2019—In 2016, I was relatively […]


April’s Toons

Addison By Mark Kershaw ATLANTA Georgia—(Weekly Hubris)—April 2019—      

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Love is the Drug & the Drug is Love

“Walking all over campus, my visit was delightful, but surprisingly not nostalgic. I was not wishing to go back to those golden days, not wishing to trade places with my old self. I was, however, overwhelmed, awash in a radiant emotion I just couldn’t pin down. What was happening?”—Jerry Zimmerman Squibs & Blurbs By Jerry […]

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Flights of Fancy

“Have you ever been on a train as it slowed through a town, and made up stories about the people living in the houses you’re passing by? Have you refused to abandon your imaginary friends from childhood, except now you call them characters?”—Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel  By Burt Kempner GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—April 2019—Have you ever […]

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Under Control

“Here is what the men, women and children in the town were thinking behind their smiles: ‘Wave, you old fool! Good. Now touch your fingers to the bill of your cap and give us a nice salute. Listen, you blockhead. Order your driver to stop so you can accept the bouquet from the little girl. […]

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The Essence of Rust

“I ran back to the car for my camera. There was a story here. There was mystery, there was depth if I looked long enough and hard enough. The bubbling, the peeling of the rust, the surfacing of paint and rich colors all created their own reflections; abstract images, scenes, etched in the metal. It […]


We Persist

“To me, the plight of refugees is personal. The suffering of a besieged people, tortured, raped, murdered by creatures whom I chose to think of as subhuman, but know are all too human, is personal. The disgust and contempt I feel for our current administration’s pandering to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the butcher of […]


What is the Heart?

“In ancient Greece, the epics of Homer did not really have a word for the human body. Not as a whole, only as an assembly of various limbs—and especially the ones that are routinely wounded in war. The ‘chest’ was one of those limbs, and about as close as he came to talking about the […]


Living with Urgency on a Dying Planet

“Closer to home, Homo sapiens mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape the current extinction crisis. Humans are vertebrate mammals. To believe that our species can avoid extinction, even as non-human vertebrates and non-human mammals disappear, is classic human hubris wrapped in a warm blanket of myth-based human supremacy.”—Guy McPherson Going Dark By Dr. Guy […]