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Music of the Spheres: The Glass Harmonica

“In Italy, Gaetano Donizetti scored the mad scene in his opera Lucia di Lammermoor for a glass harmonica, but a flutist had to be hired when no ‘ghost fiddler’ could be found.”—Skip Eisiminger Skip the B.S. By Skip Eisiminger “This Mozart quintet/and the voice of God/are frail and unseen,/yet we feel their prod.”—The Wordspinner CLEMSON […]


The One-Legged Yogini

“Iyengar Yoga master-teacher, Kofi Busia, writes: ‘Health is not, and cannot be, an individual affair. It is a community—indeed, a cosmic—affair. Individuation is the root cause of all suffering. A community, even a yoga community, sickens when its individual members do not extend the bonds of unity to one another through the exercise awareness and […]


Posing Nude for Life Drawing Class

“There is no ‘too fat,’ ‘too wrinkled,’ ‘too old,’ or ‘too’ anything in Life Drawing. I gathered from her explanation that, to the student, bodies are nothing more than still lifes, like flowers, or a bowl of fruit, only with genitals.”—Ross Konikoff West Side Stories  By Ross Konikoff MANHATTAN New York—(Weekly Hubris)—January 2019—I have, as […]


Broken Oars

“The children keep asking where/the other children are. Their mothers won’t say/phony life-vests pulled them toward the bottom/while breakers drove them into jagged cliffs./Tourists on their morning walk won’t see/the skins of boats along the fog-bound shores,/the flotsam of bodies torn and torn again./Terror this intense—it must be veiled.”—Don Schofield Broken Oars By Don Schofield […]


Rollin’ On the River: A Naïve Gourmet in The Big Easy

“Indeed, the location wasn’t promising, competing for space with dozens of passers-by, including a corsage-bedecked nun (with a beard) and a short-legged dog who posed atop a three-foot pedestal for photographs. Very quickly, a server appeared to take drink orders (priorities!) and, just as quickly, another server stopped to give us the menu and explain […]


Losing My Religion

“Whether there was a neuron misfiring in my brain, a synaptic scramble (which I’m willing to this day to acknowledge as a distinct possibility), or whether what occurred was an aspect of reality, which I’m equally willing to entertain; nevertheless, I encountered something beyond words, something which only fits within an ineffable dimension . . […]


Old Corrections, New Understandings: Aha!

“No matter what is going on between people, it is always a relationship—nothing happens unless the other person is there with his or her energy. No anger, no harmony, no conflict, no love. No nothing. And if you are simply trying to DO something to someone, you may succeed in precipitating a result, but always a result […]


Fun & Games in Kyrgyzstan

“On arrival, we finally struggled through Security, collected our goody bags (Kyrgyz flag, orange baseball cap, four glowing sticks to wave, programme of events), and took our seats in the stadium. We had superb seats near the front, just behind the press corps. We were then treated to 150 minutes of spectacular light-shows, gymnastics on […]


Canticle of Comfort & Challenge

“Like my grandfather’s dairy cows, sheep are the shepherd’s livelihood. But they are also extended family. Sheep belong to the shepherd and there is intimacy created by that kind of ownership. Many of us have dogs and cats: they belong to us and, when we are sad, or scared, or excited, they know it. My dogs […]


December Light

“I know that, for many, this season brings deep melancholy or worse. Being mindful of that fact, may I suggest that if you know someone who is alone at this time of year, make an effort to include them in your festivities. If that’s not possible, call them, visit, bring or send a little gift. […]