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Perilous Crossing, 1981: Saigon to Greenville

“The engine ran for one day, and it broke down. We tried to fix it, but it was helpless. After that, we just let the boat drifted to wherever it wanted to. We floated out at sea for 26 days without any food or water. A lot of people died of starvation during those 26 […]


The World Moves in Mysterious Ways

“Two weeks earlier, I was on the Greek island of Kea, in a bathroom so small you had to sit down to use the shower and the water trickled out either too hot or too cold. I was thinking about how great it had been to live on a Greek island for six months and wake up and […]

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Both Testaments: Four Poems for The Providential Reader

“But to remember something we need to forget/something, a different truth. My grandmother/believed that if you dab any convenient spot on your body/with iodine daily/it will help you keep your memory in old age./Head of the Marxism-Leninism chair/at the Ivanovo Energy Institute,/where she taught philosophy and scientific atheism,/she was the kindest soul, loved and spoiled […]


Poetry from Image

“This is not an anecdote about a cat and a squirrel, it is about the living geography of landscape as it regularly contorts itself into an occasion for art. Spontaneously, with no need for embellishment because this is what the universe does all the time; you just have to be awake while it happens. For […]

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The Importance of Arctic Sea Ice to Life on Earth

“With the extinction of our species comes not only the stripping away of atmospheric ozone, but also the rapid loss of aerosol masking and therefore a stunningly rapid rate of environmental change. In other words, Homo sapiens has inadvertently become the most important species in the history of the planet: We alone can trigger extinction of life […]


Crete: Dress Rehearsal for Liberty

“We first find Skinner in March 1867 aboard the blockade-running, custom-built steamship the Arkadi, capable of 15 knots, faster than any ship the Turks had, en route from the island of Syros. With him are Colonel Sotfried of the Hungarian army and Monsieur Edmond Desmaze, described as a French sportsman from Algiers “seeking adventure.” The Arkadi anchors off the south-central […]

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Another Day That Will Live In Infamy

“Because I knew all this, because I’ve seen what villains of Trump’s ilk can do, because I know that creatures such as he attract followers of the vilest levels of humanity, and fools who will believe lies, and because I also knew that our government was replete with the former, I descended into a depth […]

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The Poetry of Derek Berry

“i wear a wedding dress/woven of queen anne’s lace/& wisteria. i slip a garter/of lichen off my thigh./i do not recognize, at first,/the effigy of desire:/burnt moss for hair,/putrid/bog breath./not every incandescence is beacon,/some only a house burning/or body/lit from within.”—By Derek Berry Speculative Friction By Claire Bateman GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—November 1, 2021—Aiken, South […]


Underground Afghanistan Gay Five-Minute Dating

“I believe it means Western capitalists. I learned it from my friend Aaron, a fighter from a land called Haifa. He blew himself up for the Taliban, although it was not intentional. He was vaping in the supply room when a spark caused the Clorox fumes to ignite a pile of missiles, but we were […]

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This Lifelong Voyage In A Paper Canoe

“I remember crawling on the dirt, crawling because I am unable to stand unassisted. I am underneath a structure, in its shadow, while all around there is bright sunshine on weedy grass. I feel energized and curious, not fearful, perhaps even excited. I am determined to reach the far edge of the shadow cast by […]