Photo: "Prometheus," by Paul Manship, Rockefeller Center, New York.

“Prometheus,” by Paul Manship, Rockefeller Center, New York.

Dear Friends, Readers, and Supporters of Weekly Hubris:

Weekly Hubris is always grateful for any monetary assistance you may provide to keep the magazine alive and continue publishing our devoted cadre of writers and artists.

The magazine is an utterly independent, paper-less e-zine which has now, for a decade, provided a portal for a host of diverse, international contributors. It is funded solely by donations from readers, contributors, and Tim-the-Webmaster (Yes: in addition to providing content at no charge, we all contribute funds, time, and labor to keep Weekly Hubris up on the web).

In addition to being our webmaster, Tim performs all the bookkeeping and accounting for Weekly Hubris, gratis. As the only paid-at-a-greatly-reduced-rate contributor, he also long-suffering-ly handles all donations and checks. Hey, he’s our resident Eagle Scout!

So, please support us in this effort, and give whatever you can.

I, myself, believe what we contribute is worth . . . your contributing, too.

Many, many thanks for reading,

Elizabeth Boleman-Herring,


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Disclaimer: Weekly Hubris is, properly speaking, a not-for-profit “spiritual (ad)venture,” edited and published on the web by a group of like-minded friends, intended to be read by all and sundry (who manage to find it).  The -zine is not a commercial enterprise, which means we have no budget, no coffers, no deep pockets. We do our very best to attribute credit for works used, whenever and however we can, as well as to obtain permissions in advance for the use of materials, but we generate no income and copyright remains with our Contributors in every instance.

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