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Athens Is The New Athens

“The real revolutionaries are those who keep going with a smile, with a thought for their fellow residents, and respond to our straitened circumstances in creative ways, refusing to be cowed by nefarious politicians and the iniquitous IMF, which keeps insisting on further cuts to pensions while conceding that their own policies helped deepen our […]

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A Halcyon Day in Elefsina, Revisited

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge  By Diana Farr Louis “The site of The Mysteries, one of the holiest in the Ancient World, was not on any but the most scholarly tourist’s list of ‘must sees.’ Only an expert could make sense of the jumbled heaps of chopped columns and sculptural fragments, overlapping floors, and […]

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Tell Me What You Ate

“One day, though, I had an epiphany. I must have been about twelve or 13, and my classmate Doris had asked me over for Sunday lunch. They had no servants and her mother was the cook. I can’t remember whether we ate in the kitchen or not, but I do remember watching her take a […]

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An Institution of Higher Learning

“I still have the stained and faded green notebook in which I wrote all the recipes, 96 in all, beginning with velouté de volaille (cream of chicken soup) on October 23rd and finishing with dinde truffée aux marrons (turkey with truffles) and mandarines givrées (tangerines filled with a boozy sorbet). Most of our often very […]

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An Ancient Greek Remembers: Christmas in Athens

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis The iconic Greek family at their dinner table. “When I was young, growing up on Long Island, my father used to bring home The New York World-Telegram and Sun when he came back from his Wall Street office in the evening. Every Christmas season, I looked […]

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Two Summers To Remember

“With me propped up on the sofa, legs stretched out on pillows, and Adrian perched on a miniature chair from Skyros, he began to probe my left foot. And as he did, vivid memories came rushing behind my closed eyes.”—Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis ATHENS Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—November 2017—For the […]

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Unforgettable Paula Wolfert & The Memory Cupboard

“One of the ties that keeps us close is a shared love of food and cooking. When in France or Greece we can spend hours poking around farmers’ markets, discussing menus, and turning our loot into more-than-acceptable meals. Still, it was a delightful surprise when Connie’s obligatory visitor’s gift turned out to be something I’d […]

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A Day Too Full Of Events To Be Briefly Described

“Gleeful at having found trout (if not the farm) and being together after so long apart, we giggled, toasted each other, and told stories while smacking our lips over the excellent fish—the first served with a macedoine of grated carrots, onion, parsley, and lemon—the second, pink fleshed and grilled to a succulent perfection. All of […]

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Heroes For Our Time

“One of them, though, took my breath away. On duty at the clothes shop, where men’s shoes are urgently needed, a tall young woman with a slight accent started up a conversation. Introducing herself as Nidzara Ahmetasevic from Bosnia, a freelance journalist here for two months to work with the refugees, she said, ‘I survived […]

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The Storytellers Who Changed My Life

“I have been lucky to live with these storytellers who gave me so much material to write about. One regret is that they rarely wrote things down, themselves.”—Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis ATHENS Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—February 2017—Storytellers have always won my admiration and awe. While I think the […]

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