15 September 2014
Vol. IV, No. 219

From The Editor: This week, Weekly Hubris is honored to publish three strong pieces by three strong writers (who just happen all to be strong women). Reiki Master and playwright Helen Noakes writes about the difficult, difficult times being endured by her friends, and the epiphanies that often accompany these perilous passages; photographer Doris Athanassakis offers yet more inspiring and intimate portraits from Cuba; and poet Claire Bateman, uneasily, but with humor . . . takes flight.

“Epiphany,” from the Ancient Greek “epiphaneia,” or “manifestation.”

“Epiphany,” from the Ancient Greek “epiphaneia,” or “manifestation.”

Waking Point

“Epiphany” By Helen Noakes

SAN FRANCISCO California—(Weekly Hubris)—9/15/2014—Interesting how much we can take. In the last few weeks, I have been contacted by friends who are experiencing difficulties in their lives, some more easily dealt with than others. And I recall a time, not so long ago, when I watched my own problems pile up, my life slipping through my fingers, and wondered what, precisely, it was all about. (Read more . . .)

Faces of Cuba XX.

Faces of Cuba XX.

Out of Santorini

“Faces of Cuba, Portfolio III” By Doris Athanassakis

IMEROVIGLI, Santorini, Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—9/15/2014—Note: This portfolio of  images represents the sixth offering of works by photographer Doris Athanassakis at Weekly Hubris. Athanassakis lives in Imerovigli,  a caldera-side village on the volcanic island of  Santorini. Of Greek and Austrian heritage, Athanassakis has been photographing her island home, its architecture, and its myriad residents, all her life. Her work comprises an ongoing and lifelong meditation upon her stunningly unique surroundings . . . and herself in them. During the Greek winters, Athanassakis travels the world, with her camera, and this and the portfolio that follows document her visit to Cuba. (All Athanassakis’s works are for sale, in limited edition archival prints: please contact her regarding gallery sales through her Weekly Hubris email address: athanassakis@gmx.at.)  (Read more . . .)

So many mid-air collisions.

So many mid-air collisions.

Speculative Friction

“US Air Haiku” By Claire Bateman

GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—9/15/2014—

If you intend to
waste this entire flight dozing,
cede your window seat. (Read more . . .)

Grounded, for life.

Grounded, for life.

Squibs & Blurbs

“Walking on Earth is Heaven” By Jerry Zimmerman

TEANECK New Jersey—(Weekly Hubris)—9/8/2014—“I have often walked down this street before; but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before.”

Have you felt the pavement beneath your feet? Have you felt your feet while you were walking? Do you care?

I do. I care because I have begun not only to feel my feet when I walk but to also feel myself walking. This is big news! (Read more . . .)

Diana’s all-but-private Andros beach and sea-urchin-hunting-ground.

Diana’s all-but-private Andros beach and sea-urchin-hunting-ground.

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge

“Sea Urchin Season” By Diana Farr Louis

ANDROS ISLAND Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—9/8/2014—Yesterday, I took a favorite niece to a very special beach for a Lucullan feast. Protected by a ragged medieval watch tower and a typically Cycladic white-washed chapel, the little cove is blessed with peacock-blue waters that make South Sea Island postcards look insipid. The underwaterscape is just as colorful, pocked with pink-walled caves and tumbled rocks bristling with so many sea urchins they could be a new, aquatic breed of hedgehog. (Read more . . .)

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