21 April 2014
Vol. IV, No. 198

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Strongyli Kittens I

Strongyli Kittens I.

Out of Santorini

“Strongyli Kittens, Portfolio I” By Doris Athanassakis

SANTORINI Greece(Weekly Hubris)—4/21/2014—Note: This portfolio of ten Black & White images represents the first  offering of works by photographer Doris Athanassakis at Weekly Hubris. Athanassakis lives in Imerovigli,  a caldera-side village on the volcanic island of  Santorini. Of Greek and Austrian heritage, Athanassakis has been photographing her island home, its architecture, and its myriad residents, all her life, and her work comprises an ongoing and lifelong meditation upon her stunningly unique surroundings . . . and herself in them. (All Athanassakis’ works are for sale, in limited edition archival prints: please contact her regarding gallery sales through her Weekly Hubris email address: athanassakis@gmx.at.) (Read more . . .)

Colorblind Pilot Willie Balk (center) with Radioman Jim Edinger and Gunner Ed Pagnotta.

“Colorblind Pilot” Willie Balk (center) with Radioman Jim Edinger and Gunner Ed Pagnotta.

Dispatches from The Esso Club

“William A Balk, Sr.’s ‘Wartime Experiences of a Colorblind Navy Pilot’” By Ted Balk

CENTRAL South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—4/21/2014—


This memoir is the result of much prodding and a lot of help and support from all the members of my family and the family of my wartime good friend, Jack Chrystal. After Jack’s untimely death in 1980, his daughter, Sharyn Chrystal Vogel, realized that the members of our two families, as well as many of the men and women of her generation, had very little firsthand knowledge of their parents’ lives as shaped by the events of World War Two. She urged me to get busy and write up my impressions of those years. Several years later, after much cajoling from Sharyn and my two daughters, Peggy and Libby, I decided that time was fast becoming of the essence. If it were going to be written at all, I would have to get moving. My three sons, Will, Erwin, and Ted, although not as loquacious as the ladies, strongly encouraged my efforts, as did Jack’s wife Erla, who has always been very supportive and helpful. (Read more . . .)

The real ‘shuttle diplomacy’ in action.

The real “shuttle diplomacy” in action.

Skip the B.S.

“Moving from Nine to Two Lanes at the Holland Tunnel: Diplomacy” By Skip Eisiminger

CLEMSON South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—4/21/2014—Martin Luther King had the courage and composure to tickle the lion behind its ears when his head was in its mouth. Diplomats like him have labored to appease Hitler, bowed at the proper angle in Japan, and improvised for the Japanese àla Dizzy Gillespie wailing on a bamboo flute. They are gifted individuals who can play the bagpipes but don’t say “Nice doggie” while eyeing a rock, round a square table, or tell their foreign counterparts to go to hell in a way that makes them look forward to the trip. They are masters of thinking twice before saying nothing, rubbing out another’s mistake instead of rubbing it in, and making a point without drawing blood. These blessed peacekeepers declare war in the politest terms, think twice before saying nothing, or yawn with their mouths closed. (Read more . . .)

Grey: silence was not golden.

Grey: silence was not golden.

Dolors & Sense

“Silence Gives Consent” By Sanford Rose

KISSIMMEE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—04/21/2014—

Silence gives consent. It is a maxim of the common law that he who is silent assents to what is happening.

Last year, I talked about one famous silence. The Serbian prime minister in 1914 knew that some of his countrymen were planning to assassinate the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in June, but failed to warn Austria in anything like a clear and convincing manner.  (Read more . . .)

Now when we are lonely as we are always lonely it’s because we miss the free space.

Now when we are lonely as we are always lonely it’s because we miss the free space.

Speculative Friction

“When I Was Your Age” By Claire Bateman

GREENVILLE South Carolina—(Weekly Hubris)—4/14/2014—

when I was your age

there used to be something between units of information that was not itself information this substance was so exquisite so fine-spun that we were altogether oblivious to its presence it possessed inexplicable powers it could part to let a thought pass through and then close behind it without making the sheerest sound it transported millions of glances and gazes without entanglement there is no doubt that this era which lasted throughout most of history was the most wondrous of times now when we are lonely as we are always lonely it’s because we miss the free space  . . .   (Read more . . .)

Beth Boleman, mother of Elizabeth Boleman-Herring, wearing a black neck-bow: seated, second row, far right.

Beth Boleman, mother of Elizabeth Boleman-Herring, wearing a black neck-bow: seated, second row, far right.

Ruminant With A View

“Great Aunt Alice, the Blue-Backed ‘Speller’ & The Vixens in the Bramble” By Elizabeth Boleman-Herring

BRIDGE & TUNNEL New Jersey—(Weekly Hubris)—4/14/2014—On the flyleaf of my Great Aunt Alice’s, and only later my mother’s “Blue Backed Speller,” two names are either erased or crossed out (Ella Morgan, 1918, and Cordelia King, 1919), and a third bears two dates.

Did “Maude Hunter, 1920 and 1921,” repeat a grade? I cannot know, but it is certainly in her beautiful, cursive hand that this arresting aphorism is written: “We build the ladder by which we climb.”  (Read more . . .)

Sugar: it's disHEARTening.

Sugar: it’s disHEARTening.

Dolors & Sense

“Sugar Says No to NO” By Sanford Rose

KISSIMMEE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—4/14/2014—Nitric oxide (NO) is among our most valuable natural tranquilizers.

It causes our blood vessels to relax and expand.

We need the relaxation.

Our arteries are too stiff.

Stiff and narrowed arteries increase blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure forces the heart to overwork.

An overworked heart is prone to failure.  (Read more . . .)

Limited only by imagination.

Limited only by imagination.

Won Over By Reality

“The Action Movie Kid” By Tim Bayer

BRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—4/14/2014—My last post included a video about Myles Eckert, a Gold Star Kid. That post was titled, “We Like To Pay It Forward In My Family.” This week, I’ll introduce you to another stellar child, Action Movie Kid. (Read More . . .)

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