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Born under the sign of Libra, Anita Sullivan cheerfully admits to a life governed by issues of balance and harmony. This likely led to her 25-year career as a piano tuner, as well as her love of birds (Libra is an air sign), and love of gardening, music and fine literature (beauty). She spent years trying to decide if she was a piano tuner who wrote poetry, or a poet who tuned pianos. She traveled a lot without giving way to a strong urge to become a nomad; taught without becoming a teacher; danced without becoming a dancer; and fell totally in love with the high desert country of the Southwest, and then never managed to stay there. However, Sullivan did firmly settle the writing question–yes, it turns out she is a writer, but not fixed into any one category. She has published two essay collections, a novel, two chapbooks and one full-length book of poetry, and many short pieces in journals. Most recently she published Ever After, a novel that takes place after life but before death, mostly on the Greek island of Ikaria. Every incident in the book happened to her in a slightly different form: she always writes from direct experience. Even more recently (November 2016) Sullivan published a chapbook of poems, And If The Dead Do Dream. True to her Libra roots, it has a theme of parallel worlds.

The Orchard & the Vegetable Stand: A Memory

“Here in the familiar countryside with my parents, my two younger brothers, my friend Richard almost exactly my age, the apple orchard, the old house whose upstairs bedrooms all led one into the other, and had beds so high I had to use a stool to climb into my own—with the kitchen floor that tilted […]

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The Physicality of Language: From Hand to Mouth

“Speaking as a poet, I have come to recognize that raw emotions are like rare natural resources: they must be actively mined through some extraction process with tools. They do not obey ordinary verbal commands or cues any more than volcanoes and hurricanes do and, like weather gods, their powers should not be fooled around […]

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Gaudeamus Pendleton!

“You can learn a lot about a town by delivering newspapers there before daylight. Delivering newspapers anywhere has now become a quaint ritual tottering its way to oblivion. But I was lucky enough to be immersed in a version of this “ancient” ritual, if only for part of a single year.”—Anita Sullivan The Highest Cauldron  […]

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My Son Remembers the Sun

“You and I had talked about this. How a single day should be enough—/or less for the two yellow butterflies/chasing each other round and round a distant fir . . .”—Anita Sullivan The Highest Cauldron  By Anita Sullivan EUGENE Oregon—(Weekly Hubris)—11/16/2015— Note: The translation of the fragment from Odysseus Elytis’s poem is by Anita Sullivan. To […]

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Leaf Dancing

“When it nears the line in the middle of the road, it stops. It starts to spin—vertically, on its sturdy stem—so slowly at first that I can’t recognize what is happening. But there is no mistaking how vertical it is, and that it could not maintain this position at all if it were not twirling, […]

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To Putz or to Pootle: Reflections on Creativity

“I believe that most of us who regularly and purposely engage in artistic or creative work, insulate the central “work” part of the activity with a complicated, flimsy, but highly essential cloud of preparations and distractions. This is largely to keep us fooled into remembering only the fun parts and, at the same time, to […]

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The Bird that Swallowed the Music Box

“I am a merry-go-round mannikin yanked by the pole at the top of my head and tossed off the wheel. My pole goes into the soft ground. I see the whirling stars beneath my chin. I hear that foolish bird, the ancient one, swallow the music box when a lesser god tossed it out of […]

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“Raven is the one chosen to do the honk, which he’s always trying to perfect; which he’s always trying out a one-more-time, brand-new version of that never quite works. Still, we stop and listen every time he flies over, because we can hear his lordly mind working up there, convinced that this latest batch of […]

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Life in The Country

“I mention this only because it surprised me that the image did not immediately snuff itself out as such images generally do, but rather hung around as if it were an emissary from a distant country seeking an audience with the local sovereign. Pay attention! it was saying to me and, what the heck? How […]

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Yonder Windows

“Here in the northwest, where we have an enormous light-swing between summer and winter (16 hours of daylight in midsummer, to something less than eight in December), we inmates have developed a kind of comic ‘cuckoo-clock’ behavior: we all pop out of our houses every time the sun shines.”—Anita Sullivan  “The sun was shining on […]

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