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Beau Oiseau publishes here under a nom de plume that appears nowhere else. She is neither red-headed, nor does she live anywhere near the cemetery where the images accompanying her essays were photographed. She will say that she is a woman of a certain age, an academic and visual artist who came into her own and made her Cisgender bed in the deep, Francophone South of the last century: she made her bed, but, in the final analysis, found she could no longer sleep in it. Deeply closeted, identifying as Nonbinary and, now, elderly, Oiseau here spreads tentative wings.

My Gospel of Q: A Nonbinary Emergence

“When, almost 70, I fell into Minta’s arms, when I lay with her naked, and wrapped myself around her, I wept for sheer joy. This, this, this was where I should have been all along, I realized (and realized in my marrow): how, how, how could I have gone almost all my life without knowing […]

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