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Wayne Mergler was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1944 and grew up in Ohio, Georgia, and Europe. A graduate of Auburn University, he also studied at the University of London and at the University of Alaska Anchorage. In 1968, he and his wife Maureen, impossibly young and looking for adventure, drove cross country up the Alcan Highway to Alaska, where they found everything they were looking for, and more. Mergler taught English, drama, philosophy, and history in the Anchorage public schools for 25 years, taught literature and writing and film as an adjunct at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and currently teaches literature to senior citizens. He is the author/editor of the award-winning, definitive anthology of Alaska literature, The Last New Land, now in its fourth edition. He has, in addition: appeared on radio and TV talk shows in Alaska; lectured on literature and history; been a contributor to the public radio series, "Hold This Thought"; worked as a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News and the Anchorage Chronicle; been a book critic and reviewer; and is also active in community and professional theater. (Wayne's a busy old critter!) Now retired, Mergler works as a part-time bookseller. He and Maureen live in Anchorage, have three grown children (Joanna, Heather, and Seth) and eight grandchildren, all home-grown Alaskans. Author Photo: Heather Emerson

Grandma Mergler Goes To Vegas

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler  (Columnist Wayne Mergler, First Class, is still on the DL, so I’m running his tribute to his Vegas Showgirl Spouse yet again. EB-H) ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—12/11/11—She has evolved amusingly and interestingly from the 21-year-old Cher-tressed, mini-skirted, free-living babe that I married in 1965 to, now in her 60s, one […]

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Confessions of a Luddite: Nothing that Bleeps in MY Stocking, Thank You!

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler  Editor’s Note: Still on the mend after open-heart surgery, Wayne’s not yet up to posting brand new columns, so we’ll just have to make do with past masterpieces. ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—12/5/11—Now that the Christmas season is here again, I am forced anew to take a good, hard look at […]

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Living In The Age Of Pornography

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler Editor’s Note: While Wayne’s recuperating from open-heart surgery, we are running some of his early columns. ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—11/14/11—A couple of years ago, when I was working in a downtown Anchorage bookstore, two young boys came into the shop to peruse the comic books and magazines. They were about […]

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The Inevitable Penis Column

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler Wayne Mergler is still on temporary medical leave: this column originally ran in 2010, but who can resist reading it again: I couldn’t. The Editor ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—10/17/11—On a recent “Oprah Winfrey Show,” devoted to medical issues, the popular Dr. Oz, her physician-guest, took questions from the audience. Women, […]

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Magic from The East: Those Arabian Nights

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergle ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—10/3/11—Charles Dickens claimed it was his favorite book in all the world and that it was single-handedly responsible for his wanting to be a writer. The Brontés, as children, loved the book so much that it inspired them to write and act out their own imaginative tales […]

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The Vanishing Storyteller

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—9/5/11—The late, wonderful Eudora Welty wrote in her memoir, One Writer’s Beginnings, that she learned to be a writer mainly by listening, as a child, to the conversations of the adults around her. I was particularly moved by that description because I remember how much that kind […]

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Nomenclature Blues

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—8/22/11—While browsing at the local mall this week, I came upon a display of personally monogrammed pens and novelty license plates for bicycles and other items with engraved names on them. Of course, like everyone else, I can never resist looking for my own name, even though […]

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Playing “Ain’t It Awful?”

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—8/1/11—Recently, I had a conversation with a guy in the bookstore where I work. He was an elderly tourist, from somewhere in the Midwest, and he started up the conversation by asking me if things were as bad in Alaska as they are in the rest of […]

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The Alaskan Way Of Death

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly Hubris)—7/18/11—An old friend—Bev—died back in January of this year. I attended her funeral then and the family’s visitation. Tomorrow, she is going to be buried in a cemetery plot here in Anchorage. But, wait, you might say: This is July! She’s been dead for six months! And, […]

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I Want Out of This “Club” (of Hate-Filled, Racist, Right-wing As%$oles)

Above The Timberline by Wayne Mergler Author’s Note: I wrote this column a couple of years ago, but now I feel it is important to recycle it. Another summer is here. The “club members” are back at our airports in full force, and I think maybe this all needs to be said again. ANCHORAGE Alaska—(Weekly […]

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