The Three Stages of the World According to Monsanto


by Vassilis Zambaras


“Bad Seed”

It kept well, conserved
In the niggard’s dark pantry,

Till prosperity undid the latch,
And off it went spoiling,

Spilling into the light,
To be preserved

For posterity.


“Genetically Modified Root Cellar”

Ma, Pa,

You ain’t been listenin’—
This is what’s in

Store for us and plenty
More where that jolly

Ho, ho, ho’s coming from
I done told you before—

That hairy transmogrified horny humungous
Hermaphrodite bean sprout’s sprouting

Corn balls again, stalking our cellar floor!


“Huuklyeand Cinquor* on Devious Marketing of GM Foods”

You perverted

Sodbusters just keep on
Swallowing this bull

Shit and ya’ll be corn

By the Grim Reaper.

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MELIGALAS, Greece—(Weekly Hubris) 1/17/11—Here are a couple of famous  agrarian toasts which may not be familiar to my cosmopolitan readers:

“Here’s to farmers—people who are always out standing in their fields.”

“To our fields—may they go to seed.”

Now you know where I stand  vis-à-vis Monsanto.


*Those of you who want to find out more about this little-known reclusive poet and critic are kindly requested to go to and search until you find him out, gad-flying in his field.

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