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Burt Kempner has worked as a scriptwriter in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Florida. His work has won numerous major awards, and has been seen by groups ranging in size from a national television audience in the United States to a half-dozen Maori chieftains in New Zealand. His documentaries have appeared on PBS, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, CNBC, and European and Asian TV networks. He has two dogs, a cat, a wife and a son and is randomly kind to them all. More recently, Kempner has written three rather subversive books for children: Larry the Lazy Blue Whale, Monty the Movie Star Moose and The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez. Visit his Amazon author page:


“I went to the emergency room and X-rays revealed that the sutures holding my breastbone together were coming apart. So I had a second operation and a second reminder that intense boredom and exquisite pain can coexist just fine.” Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel By Burt Kempner GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—2/4/2013—On January 20th, 2009, Barack Obama was […]

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Getting Personal

Pinhead Angel  By Burt Kempner  Getting Personal  GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—1/21/2013— “My So-Called Spiritual Path” “As my sainted Hungarian grandmother used to say, ‘There are two hundred roads to Paradise and each is correct.’”—Burt Kempner “We may doubt anything, except that we are struck with amazement . . . . Doubts may be resolved, radical amazement […]

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Crowds & Madness

Pinhead Angel By Burt Kempner GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—12/31/2012— “The Evil Mr. What’s-His-Name” “I am sick of being an accomplice of sorts.” Burt Kempner Note: When I wrote this back in July, I had no illusions that it would be the last word on the subject. I am making a concerted effort not to commit the name […]

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ROFLR (Rolling on the Floor Reading)

“It was a quintessential slow news night. I was watching the 11:00 broadcast and was bored to death, even though I’d written the damned thing.” Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel By Burt Kempner ROFLR (Rolling on the Floor Reading)  GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—12/3/2012— “I Place Myself under House Arrest” I lived in Washington, DC, from 1980-1985, and […]

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All at Sea!

“The minute we dock, you don’t know me anymore. I won’t even look at you. I have to return to the House of Fear. Promise me you’ll never live there.” Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel by Burt Kempner  All at Sea! GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—11/19/2012— “The House of Fear: A Shipboard Romance” Back in 1977, I received a […]

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Love In Its Seasons

“I told you once that I never lied to you, but that you weren’t willing to accept what I said as the truth. I was full of crap.” Burt Kempner Pinhead Angel By Burt Kempner GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—10/29/2012— “Dear ____: A Letter of Longing and Regret” I’ve given up trying to find you again. If […]

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It’s Only Rock and Roll

“I was not a very good newsman, not then at least. My first major assignment was to interview author Kurt Vonnegut, who was speaking at Lehigh University. I asked him what I thought were intelligent questions, and he would start to give erudite answers, only to begin cursing like mad 30 seconds into his reply. […]

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The Kindness Of Strangers

Pinhead Angel  by Burt Kempner GAINESVILLE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—11/28/11—“I could watch you shop all day.” That was a new one. When you reach a certain age, pick-up lines mutate from, “Sail my way, Dreamboat,” to “Hey, you don’t smell like Ben-Gay!” I stared at the round-faced, pleasant-looking young man ahead of me on line in the […]

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