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Cusper Lynn, whose accumulation of alphabetic suffixes makes formal introductions nearly impossible, is the CEO of Hell Bent Press, and a prolific blogger/author, who self-identifies—primarily, these days—as a “consultant.” A mega-cigar-smoking Midwesterner-become-Floridian, Lynn has also worked in radio (as a DJ), banking, bookselling and community theater (do not, hold that against him), and has produced a punk album (you may hold that against him), four children, and a novel titled Facebook Ate My Marriage (;; ). Lynn says he was, in the second grade, “bitten by the writing bug,” which he traces back to “the accidental discovery that a well written essay could, if properly slanted, decrease the beatings meted out in the dark ages of public school education.” He adds: “The other two useful things I would take away from those long-ago classrooms would be the ability to touch type and a clear understanding that the world was aggressively disinterested in my wellbeing.” Subsequent success as a physician and an advisor with an uncanny ability to provide information and intellectual succor of all sorts to patients and clients of all stripes have somewhat softened Lynn’s stance, as evidenced by his literate, thoughtful writing in The Occidental Ape.

Taxes and Dr. Death, or, The Yogi of Boothwyn

“Hiring Sheila had been a mistake. I knew that before I did it. The basic rule is never hire anyone you can’t fire. Or, as I prefer to state it, never hire anyone you are not willing to take out back and shoot.” Cusper Lynn The Occidental Ape by Cusper Lynn SARASOTA Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—6/25/2012—I had […]

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The First Monday After Armageddon

“There should, in principle, be no Monday after Armageddon. By logic, there should be no calendar after Armageddon. But , were there to be a calendar, conspicuously absent from that calendar should be all references to Monday. Monday is the reason, after all, that people crave Armageddon.” Cusper Lynn The Occidental Ape by Cusper Lynn […]

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Happy Hour At the Jackals’ Bar (of Lobbyists in Their Lair)

“Cusper, I would have supported unwed mothers’ rights to use food stamps to buy a fifth of gin every week of their pregnancies to get that bill done,” Daryl smiled and got up from the stool. He took a deep breath, patted me on the shoulder, and whispered, “Now I’ve got to go show the […]

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Is Happiness . . . Sustainable?

The Occidental Ape by Cusper Lynn “Being a consultant is, I admit, difficult to explain to people since there are two things a good consultant generally has to be: over-educated and underpaid. At some point, when enough alphabetti spaghetti accumulates after your name in terms of degrees and certifications, you just are no longer employable.” […]

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