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Clarence Morse, Jr. is a man of many names and many faces. At 22, he’s led poetry workshops throughout the world and been both prodigal son and/or caring friend. A student of The School of Hard Knocks, he’s spent his time trying to make sense of the world in the only way he knows: poetry. Whether on stage or layered on a track, he’ll show why he goes by Monarca Fai. (Banner Image: Roberto Powers; Author Photo: Lya Morse.)

Sick & Tired

“Got a foot in my chest,/Call it life’s rude awakening,/I ain’t a kid no more,/Can’t just thrash bout and call folk out,/That’s just the type of stuff that gets me tossed out,/Concrete jungle gon swallow me up,/And maybe there,/My light might shine through,/Till then,/I’m sick and tired of being tired,/I’m sick and tired of looking […]

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