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Dr. Guy McPherson is an internationally recognized speaker, award-winning scientist, and one of the world’s leading authorities on abrupt climate change leading to near-term human extinction. He is professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, where he taught and conducted research for 20 years. His published works include 16 books and hundreds of scholarly articles. Dr. McPherson has been featured on television and radio and in several documentary films. He is a blogger and social critic who co-hosts his own radio show, “Nature Bats Last.” Dr. McPherson speaks to general audiences across the globe, and to scientists, students, educators, and not-for-profit and business leaders who seek their best available options when confronting Earth’s cataclysmic changes. Visit McPherson's Author Page at

No may. No might. Only is.

“As I have been reporting for a few years in this space, anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases have led to abrupt, irreversible climate change. We’ve been warned about this outcome for decades. As ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu reportedly said, ‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.’ We did not change […]

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Seven Phrases You Can Never Say

“American comedian George Carlin first spoke about seven words that are taboo on television in 1972 with his monologue, ‘Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.’ The words for which Carlin became famous seem relatively mundane nearly 50 years later: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. (See? Not so bad in 2021.) […]

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Maybe I’m Wrong

“You have likely heard this expression: We learn from our mistakes. The process of science assures that we—at least some of us—will continue along an educational path, up to and until we are no longer able capable of making relevant observations. At some point, of course, we will die and our species will go extinct. […]

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Colonizing the Multiverse

“It is pretty demoralizing to imagine there is an infinite number of Earths dealing with collapse of a world-level industrial civilization, runaway greenhouse, and loss of habitat for life on the planet. On the other hand, it’s inspiring to think that there is an infinite number of planet Earths that produced humans with empathy, compassion, […]

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You Had Me at the Bow

“What’s next? Perhaps you will continue to tolerate my overdeveloped work ethic and the attendant writing, speaking, and submitting to interviews. Universe willing, we will launch our proverbial leaky boat in the direction of a village in Vermont, where we will be welcomed by a dear friend and a dark, quiet forest. Sadly, we met […]

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The American Dream (in Context)

“We want it all, and we want it for a very long time, and preferably forever, a concept that our deep-seated faith in technology, our fear of death, and our uniquely American vanity allows us to pursue. While seeking immortality, we want a big house with a well-trimmed lawn, new cars, plenty of grown-up toys, […]

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On Ownership

“I am not suggesting that indigenous people or the Greek Cynics were faultless. Rather, I am indicating there is more than one way to live. There are numerous examples, still, of societies dominated by people who live beyond the obsession with possessions. There is more than the singular approach we take . . . to, […]

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Planetary Hospice, Redux

“At the level of society, there is very little any of us can do. However, I can think of one job that is worth our collective attention. There may be others. Working to cask and contain nuclear material represents one of our duties as planetary citizens. Leaving in our wake more than 450 nuclear reactors […]

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A Reminder from the Pandemic: Service Remains Worthwhile

“When asked why we are here, the inimitable American author Kurt Vonnegut frequently quoted his son Mark and also his uncle. The former individual, between stints in a psych ward and Harvard Medical School—and apparently those were two different facilities—Mark Vonnegut answered, ‘We are here to help each other through this, whatever this is.’ According […]

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There is Always an Answer

“We have few opportunities to positively influence the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mass Extinction Event, and abrupt, irreversible climate change. None of these opportunities, even if pursued with rigorous passion by each of us, will allow us to avoid the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing Mass Extinction Event, and abrupt, irreversible climate change. However, […]

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