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Dr. Guy McPherson is an internationally recognized speaker, award-winning scientist, and one of the world’s leading authorities on abrupt climate change leading to near-term human extinction. He is professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, where he taught and conducted research for 20 years. His published works include 14 books and hundreds of scholarly articles. Dr. McPherson has been featured on television and radio and in several documentary films. He is a blogger and social critic who co-hosts his own radio show, “Nature Bats Last.” Dr. McPherson speaks to general audiences across the globe, and to scientists, students, educators, and not-for-profit and business leaders who seek their best available options when confronting Earth’s cataclysmic changes. Visit McPherson's Author Page at

Planetary Hospice, Redux

“At the level of society, there is very little any of us can do. However, I can think of one job that is worth our collective attention. There may be others. Working to cask and contain nuclear material represents one of our duties as planetary citizens. Leaving in our wake more than 450 nuclear reactors […]

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A Reminder from the Pandemic: Service Remains Worthwhile

“When asked why we are here, the inimitable American author Kurt Vonnegut frequently quoted his son Mark and also his uncle. The former individual, between stints in a psych ward and Harvard Medical School—and apparently those were two different facilities—Mark Vonnegut answered, ‘We are here to help each other through this, whatever this is.’ According […]

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There is Always an Answer

“We have few opportunities to positively influence the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mass Extinction Event, and abrupt, irreversible climate change. None of these opportunities, even if pursued with rigorous passion by each of us, will allow us to avoid the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing Mass Extinction Event, and abrupt, irreversible climate change. However, […]

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What I Have Learned

“I have learned that most people are ‘Takers,’ in the spirit of Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel, Ishmael. ‘Leavers’ formed cultures that thrived for more than 300,000 years before the agricultural revolution. ‘Leavers’ comprised indigenous people: herders, hunters, and gatherers. Those cultures lived lightly and took only what they needed. ‘Takers’ are the ‘civilized’ version of […]

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Letter from Maitland, Florida

“In other words, none of us has long. I have enjoyed an enormously privileged life, in no small part because I chose my parents wisely. I have lived a long time, relative to historical norms. Most important, you have given me a lens through which I view the world. This lens allows me to empathize […]

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Against Misogyny: Crusade Interruptus

“I suspect few people know that The Population Bomb, published in 1968, was co-authored. Professor Paul Ehrlich is credited as sole author of the book because the name of the other author was excluded by the publisher. The publisher concluded that Professor Anne Ehrlich, Paul’s spouse, could not possibly know enough about the impacts of […]

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Arundhati Roy & Rachel Carson: Two of My Guides

“Misogyny and racism are outcomes of every civilization. This latest version—the industrial, global model—is no different from its predecessors, except in magnitude. Much of the misogyny and racism is sufficiently hidden from view that many people claim they do not exist. Particularly obvious among the deniers of misogyny and racism are Caucasian men.”—Guy McPherson Going […]

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Human Animals?

“The projected rate of climate change based on IPCC-style gradualism outstrips the adaptive response of vertebrates by a factor of 10,000 times. Closer to Homo sapiens, mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape the current extinction crisis. Humans are vertebrate mammals. To believe that our species can avoid extinction, even as non-human vertebrates and non-human […]

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Love in the Time of the Sixth Mass Extinction

“We are in the midst of abrupt, irreversible climate change. We are in the midst of a Mass Extinction Event on Earth. How shall we act? What moral code(s) can guide us? These two questions form the basis for my ongoing work, which I occasionally refer to as Planetary Hospice.”—Guy McPherson Going Dark By Dr. […]

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Philosophy & Conservation Biology

“It is small wonder humanity will not be saved. Evolution drives us to breed, drives us to procreate, and drives us to accumulate material possessions. Evolution always pushes us toward the brink, and culture piles on, hurling us into the abyss. Nietzsche was correct about our lack of free will—as Gray points out in Straw Dogs—free […]

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