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The daughter of American pulp-fiction writers Jack Lawrence and Muriel Bodkin, Judith Lawrence Blish is an American artist, poet, and short fiction writer known professionally as J.A. Lawrence. Since 1977, she has made her home in Athens, Greece, where she and her cats (multiple) live in the city's central Thission neighborhood. From 1967 to 1978, she co-wrote a sequence of short story adaptations based on episodes of "Star Trek" with her husband, James Blish, which she continued after his death in 1975. The last volume in the series, Mudd's Angels, was released in 1978. It included two episode adaptations originally by James Blish, featuring the popular character Harry Mudd, and an original novella by Lawrence. (Since 1975, she has been active in preserving and promoting her husband's work.) Lawrence and Blish married in November 1964 and moved to England in 1969. In 1977, the widow Blish settled permanently in Greece. She designed the covers to editions of Black Easter and The Day After Judgment, as well as the cover of the April 1972 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Lawrence's short fiction and illustrations were regularly published by Galaxy Science Fiction and Amazing Stories, among others, and have been included in several short-fiction anthologies. Her collected stories, both science fiction and mainstream, will shortly be available as an e-book under the title The Other Side of the Surface, named after her latest work, a long overdue answer to Blish’s well-known Surface Tension. Lawrence is presently working on her autobiography, and will accept bribes not to include what she knows about you. (Banner illustration painted by Judith Lawrence Blish.)

Letter from Athens, Greece

“Fast forward to Weird Easter 2020. I live next to a church in Athens whose Easter program has always been the usual elaborate Friday beeswax-candlelight procession with the bell tolling and the heavily overdressed clergy, the appointed mourners carrying a flower-smothered catafalque through the local streets and a trail of parishioners singing a dirge, meeting up […]

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