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Dr. Jozefien De Bock is a historian with an MA from Ghent University (Belgium) and a PhD from the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). She is a public historian who spends her time and energy to ensure that the findings of her research reach an audience wider than the two reviewers of the papers she now and then submits to academic journals,  just for the sake of it. She is an unwilling as-yet-unpublished author currently based in the beautiful medieval city of Ghent. And she is the mother of Thomas and Pieter-Jan, two baby boys, one now a star in the sky, the other a happy little fellow here on earth.  Until recently, she pursued a career in both academia and the cultural sector, working at the University of Ghent as well as for various museums and archives. At the moment, however, she finds herself in the shoes of many, many women before her, home with the baby she loves so much but without the job she worked so hard for. Basically, she is looking for ways to combine motherhood, a very sensitive body and mind, and a fulfilling professional career (and utterly failing to do so). (Author Photo: Matthew Langthorne.)

Losing Thomas

Trying to Figure It Out By Dr. Jozefien De Bock “She immediately hooked me up to an ultrasound, checked for a heartbeat and smiled: ‘Everything’s fine with the baby,’ she said. ‘Look, he’s kicking!’ She took a screenshot of my little boy punching me in the belly with his fist: I was immensely relieved. Going […]

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Letter from Ghent, Belgium

“I am writing this letter from the terrace of our tiny but lovely courtyard, with my back to our tiny but lovely 19th-century workman’s house in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Ghent. We are lucky with the set-up for our quarantine. Both working in education and research, we can work from home. Blessed with […]

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