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Khris Robinson is a West Indian who was brought up in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he majored in Economics, with a minor in Sociology. He considers himself to be hypercompetitive; loves reading, watching/playing sports, traveling, gaming, listening to various types of music, learning, and trying new things to better his life. It is his hope that the spring/summer protests of 2020 will spark some fundamental change in our judicial system and across other systems that disenfranchise Black and Brown people in America.

Color Not Recognized

“As we patter/Using our voices and media to try and save future lives/Digging in our past as a drive to survive/The repetitive waves without usage of guns and knives/As they arrive.”—Khris Robinson Color Not Recognized By Khris Robinson BOSTON Massachusetts—(Weekly Hubris)—1 August 2020— “Color Not Recognized” By Khris Robinson Chanting Black Lives Matter As the […]

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