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After an unspectacular career as a gifted songwriter (and a less than gifted guitar player), Matt Barrett began his Greece Travel Guide website in 1996, one of the first travel sites on the internet and a blog before the word was invented. In the years since, he has written hundreds of articles about Greece and his websites have helped millions of people visit (and even move there). Matt’s works have been published in . . . well, actually, this is the first time any of his stories and articles has been published anywhere except on his website (not including the many articles that have somehow found their way onto Chinese travel websites.) His E-book Spearfishing In Skatohori has sold dozens of copies on Amazon. Matt has never won any awards or, if he has, nobody has told him about them. He divides his time among his home in Carrboro, North Carolina, his house on the Greek Island of Kea, his daughter’s apartment in Kypseli, Athens, his sister-in-law’s house on Lesvos, Greece, and a few other places best left unmentioned. Matt has two more unpublished books: In Search Of Sardeles Pastes and I Married a Lesbian. He lives with his wife and four cats, none of whom particularly like him. (The wife does, sometimes). The best place to find Matt is on his website at (or at Yannis Kalofagadon Taverna in Kea).

The “Immigrant Problem” in Greece

 “Most of the Athenians I know won’t even look at these people. They just ignore them until they go away or, if they don’t go away, yell at them, so I feel like such a caring individual because I give them a euro to go away. But what if I could give these boys (because […]

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And There But for Fortune Go You or I

“I am just a guy lucky enough to have been half-Greek and half-American at a time when the internet blossomed and travelers were still coming to Greece. I know Greece and I have an ability to describe it because it is so familiar, just as you could probably describe your home town in a colorful […]

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The World Moves in Mysterious Ways

“Two weeks earlier, I was on the Greek island of Kea, in a bathroom so small you had to sit down to use the shower and the water trickled out either too hot or too cold. I was thinking about how great it had been to live on a Greek island for six months and wake up and […]

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