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Mark Addison Kershaw says his influences include James Thurber, Jean-Jacques Sempé, Charles Schultz, Berke Breathed, and several cartoonists from “The New Yorker.” Kershaw was born and brought up in Nebraska, spent college dabbling in philosophy and a few decades during/after in Minnesota, and now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he may be spotted walking his dog around the lake behind his home, taking photographs, and thinking cartoonish thoughts.

Athwart July (and August)

“Mark Addison Kershaw, like the greatest of cartoonists (and there should be a better collective noun than cartoonists, which does not nearly suffice) stands at a certain remove from the quotidian. Vis-à-vis the quotidian, Addison demands a preposition, or adverb, such as athwart. He and his cartoons, and the quotidian, run wildly athwart.”—Elizabeth Boleman-Herring Addison […]

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South Paw in Spring

“As a former journalist (or, rather, recovering journalist), I still retain some sleuthing chops, but I must admit that I have not been able to discover any salient details about Weekly Hubris’s resident single-panel cartoonist, Mark Addison Kershaw. I haunt (a term of art) his Facebook page for clues, though, and have recently inferred that […]

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Amish Phone Sex, Anyone?

“We’ve not seen hide nor hair of Mark Addison Kershaw, aka The Artist Known as Addison, since September 2020. He has been on Facebook, in his dual roles as Lockdown Cartoonist-at-Large and photographer-in-residence in less-and-less-wooded-and-birded exurban Atlanta, but we are very pleased to have him back here at Weekly Hubris, with or without a beard, […]

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I Miss Facts, Too

“Mark Addison Kershaw, aka The Artist Known as Addison, is usually to be found out in left field. This month, some 63 days before the United States’ presidential election, he’s also sequestered in the Deep South, pen in hand, riffing on Meisje met de parel (look it up), and imagining himself escaping from home confinement, […]

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Not Quite Beyond The Pale

“If you attend to Mark Addison Kershaw on Facebook, you will encounter a person of very little language, spoken or written, accompanied by a dog, enamored of a cat; someone who, even before the current plague, stuck pretty close to home. He comes armed with a pen (for drawing) and a camera (for preserving Georgia […]

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Why Do Boring Things Happen to Exciting Women?

“This is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Ethyl, the goddess of rock and roll.”—Mark Addison Kershaw Addison By Mark Addison Kershaw     ATLANTA Georgia—(Weekly Hubris)—April 2020—Editor’s Note: Mark Addison Kershaw (follow him on Facebook) has little to say, it is true. Things (and, often, things featuring women) flow from his facile pen, and, yet, […]

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Addison & The Women

“Generally speaking, women seem to respond favorably to my drawings of their gender, as long as they believe it is a drawing of someone else and not of them. The one time I proudly presented a nude figure drawing I’d done of that same female her response was ‘Why do you hate me?!’”—Mark Addison Kershaw […]

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“Mark Addison Kershaw, however, in response to his editor’s constant badgering for ‘bits of text to insert before your cartoons begin,’ said . . . nothing, as per usual; content, as he was, to let his bear, his penguins, his cat, bird, and salamander speak for themselves.”—Elizabeth Boleman-Herring Addison By Mark Addison Kershaw   “Once upon […]

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About Time, Too!

“One is New Year related, another is time related (so sort of New Year related); the other three are all over the damn place.”—Mark Addison Kershaw Addison By Mark Addison Kershaw “Every time is a time for comedy in a world of tension that would languish without it. But I cannot confine myself to lightness in […]

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October’s Toons

Addison By Mark Kershaw ATLANTA Georgia—(Weekly Hubris)—October 2019—Tooning in once more? This month, things are looking up (towards witches, aloft, silhouetted against the autumn moon), and falling down (leaves, leaves, and more leaves). PS: Follow Mark Addison Kershaw on Facebook as well, for daily toons . . . and photographs (featuring wildlife, and a certain somewhat […]

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