Fifty Shades of Greece

Doris Athanassakis

Doris Athanassakis

Out of Santorini

By Doris Athanassakis

Doris Athanassakis

Note: This portfolio of  images represents yet another offering via Weekly Hubris of works by photographer Doris Athanassakis. Here, Doris again turns her lens on elements of her analog and demotic world, focusing on cliff-face views of Santorini’s “caldera,” and the myriad and variegated cats among which she lives. Athanassakis spends her summers in Imerovigli,  a caldera-side village on the volcanic island. Of Greek and Austrian heritage, Athanassakis has been photographing her island home, its architecture, and its human and feline residents, all her life. Her work comprises an ongoing and lifelong meditation upon her stunningly unique surroundings . . . and herself in them. (All Athanassakis’s works are for sale, in limited edition archival prints: please contact her regarding gallery sales through her Weekly Hubris email address:

IMEROVIGLI, Santorini Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—8/10/2015—

Fifty Shades of Greece 01

Fifty Shades of Greece I

Fifty Shades of Greece 02

Fifty Shades of Greece II

Fifty Shades of Greece 03

Fifty Shades of Greece III

Fifty Shades of Greece 04

Fifty Shades of Greece IV

Fifty Shades of Greece 05

Fifty Shades of Greece V

Fifty Shades of Greece 06

Fifty Shades of Greece VI


Fifty Shades of Greece VII


Fifty Shades of Greece VIII


Fifty Shades of Greece IX


Fifty Shades of Greece X


Fifty Shades of Greece XI

Doris Athanassakis

About Doris Athanassakis

Doris Athanassakis, up until 2013 a world-renowned Santorini restaurateur, changed course in mid-life and now devotes her time to photographing her beloved island and working as a body-work therapist (massage, Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Reflexology, aromatherapy, and other healing modalities) on Santorini and in Athens. A multi-multi-lingual, and multi-cultural bi-national (Greek and Austrian), Athanassakis spends part of each year in each of her homelands, but always returns in the spring to the light and line of Santorini, the Cycladic island which is her abiding inspiration. Athanassakis may be reached for body-work via 6978066902 or 6970886581 on Santorini. Archival prints of Athanassakis’s photographs may be purchased by emailing the artist at account Readers and viewers, please, please respect Doris’s Copyright to her photographs, and do not share her work on Facebook or use for other purposes without the photographer’s explicit permission and/or without including the specific Weekly Hubris link. Of course, feel free to “like” her columns, but remember that this photographer needs to be compensated for her remarkable work. If you fall in love with an image, buy a print, please. Contact her for prices on prints of all sizes at:
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  1. Avatar Will says:

    All wonderful, as usual. I’m just completely taken with image #3…gorgeous!

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