More Mellifluent Poetic Manifestations of Pure Malarkey


by Vassilis Zambaras

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“Worry Beads 1, Rat Race 2”

With each click, there’s
Supposed to be one less

Clack to worry about—

So why’s this string
Of boxcars still

Racing down the track?

“Work It Out”

Fat chance—

Your mind’s like
A broken down exercise


“Wise Old Bird”

Sunset’s dying
Not so

Transient owl
Tells me

It won’t
Last forever,

But who am I
To give a hoot.


“Will It Be A Hit Or A Miss?”

You cocky fly you—

My immaculate sheet
Of poems—I swear

Soon your shit will be
Maculating the fan too.

“Mnemonic: A Memento of Forgotten White House History”

Can’t remember that mouth piece right
On the tip of the tongue? 

Forget the sax, man—
Try playing with, um,



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Meligalas Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—11/28/11—I’m going on hiatus for a while; in the meantime, here are some more Mellifluent Poetic Manifestations of Pure Malarkey to tide you over until my barque returns from the

Isle of the Laestrygonians.

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Vassilis Zambaras According to such reliable inside sources as The Weekly Hubris’s Publishing-Editor, VazamBam aka Vassilis Zambaras is all of the following, and more, in an order no one can vouchsafe as definitive: a publishing poet who writes every day of his life; a hugely successful father (and a not-so-very-successful local political candidate); a professor of English as a Foreign Language, with portfolio; a Renaissance Man of many skills, useful and not-so; a fount of information about his particular corner of his birth country; an unstable and utterly unique mix of Greek and American, American and Greek; and the man fortunate and wily enough to have made off with Messenia’s loveliest and most talented local daughter as his child bride. Besides being all the aforementioned, other more dubious sources have also reported seeing him hanging out at the corner of—in the guise of a “new old kid on the blog, with an occasional old or new poem written off the old writer’s block.” Author Photo: Pericles Boutos