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Helen Noakes is a playwright, novelist, writer, art historian, linguist, and Traditional Reiki Master, who was brought up in and derives richness from several of the world’s great traditions and philosophies. She believes that writing should engage and entertain, but also inform and inspire. She also believes that because the human race expresses itself in words, it is words, in the end, that will show us how very similar we are and how foolish it is to think otherwise. (Author Head Shot Augment: René Laanen.)

Tempests Over San Francisco

“The tumult of raging nature that I watch with fascination incongruously stirs a memory of a Greek song I learned as a child where Thunder is a giant woman whose bracelets rumble as she dances. “Tουμπου, τουμπου, τουμπου, τοομ, θα βραχιόλια της Βροντούμ.” (Loosely translated, “Thump, thump, thump, clash Thunder’s bracelets.”) I picture her, feet […]

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Mother Tongues & Other Languages

“My parents saw the value of teaching me four languages from the moment I began to speak. The European convent school I attended in Yokohama taught English and French from the first grade, and, of course, living in Japan as a child, I picked up Japanese. Why aren’t we all teaching our first-graders foreign languages? […]

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Sing Your Soul Back Together*

“With so much turmoil in our world, I was at a loss as to what I would write this month, but then I heard a children’s choir sing Benjamin Britten’s ‘A Ceremony of Carols,’ and I knew. December is a month of celebrations. Various faiths observe their winter Holydays with music and song. For music soothes the […]

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“I saw stretching out before me endless days of dealing with those demands, of setting aside my life for a person who terrorized me as a child. Something within me demanded that I behave correctly towards her, that I bury the memories of abuse which, when I reached puberty expressed themselves psychologically rather than physically. […]

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The Beautiful Evil

“You might wonder why I’m recounting these ancient myths about women. Why now? Because they matter, now. Because the subjugation of women continues to this day. Because it is time to look at the deluded, dangerous, and misogynistic origins of this behavior which persists in the false doctrines of certain religions, and because all these […]

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Georgia On My Mind

“Recalling this, I sat in silence for quite a while, looking out at the Pacific through my rain-swept window, and it seemed somehow significant that Georgia chose to leave this world at the close of 2021 – a significance that is floating about in my mind searching for words to define it. Perhaps Georgia’s spirit […]

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Another Day That Will Live In Infamy

“Because I knew all this, because I’ve seen what villains of Trump’s ilk can do, because I know that creatures such as he attract followers of the vilest levels of humanity, and fools who will believe lies, and because I also knew that our government was replete with the former, I descended into a depth […]

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The Way Forward

“Perhaps the sociopath did us a favor. Perhaps, in all his efforts to destroy this country, he revealed the depth of the infection. One cannot heal what one cannot see. And, judging from the wonder of thousands of Americans voting in unprecedented numbers in this election, it is clear that we see, and we are […]

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“There is no room in this world for ‘us and them.’ This world demands an attitude of ‘us,’ all of us within one human race. It demands our ending the demonization of ‘the other,’ by erasing the concept of ‘the other.’”—Helen Noakes Waking Point By Helen Noakes SAN FRANCISCO California—( Weekly Hubris)—15 July 2020—Many years […]

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“And you know, because you’ve been here before, in this killing field, that the fools and predators will find they, too, can be mowed down, that all their swagger and gorging was for nothing. You know that they, unlike the ones whom they consumed, are nothing. And you say nothing. Because there’s nothing to say.”—Helen […]

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