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Mimi German is a poet, an activist for justice for over four decades, an organizer, an advocate for the unhoused in Portland, and has been known to be rough around the edges and unapologetic for her views against The System. She has been called “a passion-based life form” by friends and, by the Mayor of Portland, “intriguing.” Mimi is currently shopping a poetry manuscript based on her experiences with her unhoused extended family in the destroyed and gentrified hamlet of St Johns, Oregon. Her latest series of poems ( “Erotica and Longing During The Plague”) began with the pandemic and is ongoing.

Erotica & Longing During the Plague

“losing all my leaves   soon   i will resemble a dead weed   it appears that spring is here   and yet   and yet   and yet the seeds    earth is dry   beyond thirsting   her people cruel   annihilative   and death is airborne   my thoughts refuse order   […]

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