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Mimi German is a poet living in Portland, Oregon. Her poetry manuscript, Eyes of Horse Hair, recently received Honorable Mention for The Hopper Poetry Prize 2020. German's poetry may be found in “The Hopper,” “The Mantle,” “Three Line Poetry” (Vols. 51 & 52), “NewVerse News,” “Public Pool,” and “Counterpunch.” Her spare time is spent advocating for the unhoused in the village of St. Johns.

Ferlinghetti’s Interruption & Burning Prayers

“she brought me coffee in the rain   and later   in pink pajamas and slip on slippers   she entered heaven   where i was   painting the doors white   keep painting   she rattled   ruffling her papers   then began reading ferlinghetti’s    i am waiting    i turned down the […]

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“Dusk,” “Mercy,” and “In Winter’s Winds”

“the priestly trees are silent   no hail mary’s or token absolutions   they sway like a thousand rabbis at the wall   but nothing wails   except the wind   the prayers have been folded and tucked into stones or turned into origami prisms and floated like kites toward the sky    who is […]

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A Scenic View

“poverty lines these roads linton scappoose rainier st helens where the burned out burger barns edge out the sky where sunburnt r-vees deliquesce over dirt roads where the weight of empty pockets is gangrenous to desiccated thoughts and prayers and shadows of shackles obfuscate light where sheds barely resemble houses resembling sheds where vernonia’s fields […]

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Erotica & Longing During the Plague

“losing all my leaves   soon   i will resemble a dead weed   it appears that spring is here   and yet   and yet   and yet the seeds    earth is dry   beyond thirsting   her people cruel   annihilative   and death is airborne   my thoughts refuse order   […]

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