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The Other Side: Poems by Phillip Davis. Phillip Davis was born and raised in the People's Republic of Chicago and lives there as we speak. Once upon a time, Phil's poems appeared in various ephemeral journals whose names he's forgotten. He has a background in alternative journalism and spent many years as production manager of a custom photo lab and ground-breaking digital retouching studio. Currently, he’s parlayed a life-long fascination with the ancient world into a career in ancient numismatics.

Life after Death

“In a Slavic dream, I am stroking/An old woman under the chin./Her eyes demand/Blessings I should know./She calls me her child. It is 1881./Sophia fills the sky of St. Petersburg—/The Sabbath, I’ve shaved my curls/For love of the People./Oh we who trade in truth!/I am soothing her with words/In a language I can’t speak.”—Phillip Davis […]

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