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Born in Haiti, Ricardo Josué is a Miami- and Boston-raised human and part-time spoken word artist. He is a slightly introverted young old soul, on a constant search for knowledge. Josué is a lover of everything creative, but hip hop holds a very special place in his heart. His style of poetry is heavily influenced by the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Fela Kuti, and Lupe Fiasco. If he’s not somewhere boxing with writer’s block or working the regular 9 to 5, he may be found at his local gym working up a sweat; trying to reach his goal of being holistically healthy.

The Chain of Events After the Dance

“As a kid, studying Haitian history made me proud to be born in a country that was such an example of our greatness as Black people. Haiti managed to defeat the French army, one of the most powerful and ruthless armies in history. Our victory was due to Dutty Boukman, a voodoo priest who helped […]

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