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About Robin Kaye White grew up in a farming community in Central New York State: she is descended, on both sides of her family, from dairy farmers, and is most alive, still, in rural North American landscapes. A voice major, she studied Music at Ithaca College; then earned her MDiv at Lancaster Theological Seminary and did graduate work at Princeton Seminary and The Theological Institute of Advanced Theological Research in Jerusalem, Israel. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), White was recently a Co-Moderator of the National Boar of More Light Presbyterians, and currently serves North Anderson Community Church (PCUSA), and its diverse, inclusive, compassion-driven congregation. Over the church door is inscribed the word Ephphatha, or “Be opened!” (Mark 7:34), and the congregation lives out that mandate. White is passionate about liturgy—“the work of the people”—and preaching. In her sermons, she strives to illuminate the original context of scripture and tease out its messages for the fraught present. She has had the privilege of “holding space” for the dying and their loved ones and experiences this ministry of presence as a gift: she is most willing to go with people as they journey to desert places. She states: “I have lived my life by adhering to Paul’s words in his letter to the church at Rome, ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.’” She is just as likely, though, to quote Rachel Held Evans as St. Paul: “This is what God’s kingdom is like: a bunch of outcasts and oddballs gathered at a table, not because they are rich or worthy or good, but because they are hungry, because they said yes. And there’s always room for more.” A Lesbian-Pescaterian-Presbyterian, Reverend White is most alive out of doors, whether hiking, biking, kayaking, golfing . . . or just sitting on a rock. (Banner and Author photos by E.B.-Herring, taken at Pendleton SC's Liberty Hall Bed & Breakfast)

An Extravagance of the Heart: Luke 7:36-50

“The nameless woman of Luke 7—labeled sinful—is a precious, bold illustration of the disturbing discoveries inherent in discipleship. Her ears are fixed on the ministry of Jesus, and she is inspired to hear in a manner that many of her peers do not understand. She stands with Jesus and where she stands in relation to […]

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The Grapes of Grace: Matthew 21: 33-46

“Like the tenants in the vineyard, both Maggie and Jared and, in all honesty, many other members of that congregation, thought that the church belonged to them. Many new people were joining and, yes, some of those new people were black, a few were gay, a couple were mentally ill, and a handful were poor. The fruits […]

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When Simon Becomes Peter: Luke 5: 1-11

“After six years of researching shame, Brown has discovered that people belong to one of two groups, those who feel worthy of love and belonging, and those who do not. Shame is the one variable, the one and only. The group who have a strong sense of love and belonging, those without shame, believe they are […]

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Corey’s Coming: Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

“The parable I am about to tell you this morning is a compilation of seemingly disparate threads: a song by the great storyteller Harry Chapin; an experience I had with a church parishioner in Delaware; and what I know to be true from the deep wells of scripture.”—Robin White Wing + Prayer By The Reverend Robin […]

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Honest to God: Psalm 22

“But, Oh Best Beloved, without psalms of lament, we are cut off from our anger or our grief. We give up the opportunity to be honest with God about our emotions. Just as within all intimate relationships, the absence of honesty taints our relationship with God. If we cannot pray the full range of psalm […]

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Canticle of Comfort & Challenge

“Like my grandfather’s dairy cows, sheep are the shepherd’s livelihood. But they are also extended family. Sheep belong to the shepherd and there is intimacy created by that kind of ownership. Many of us have dogs and cats: they belong to us and, when we are sad, or scared, or excited, they know it. My dogs […]

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