The Opposite of Evil in Action

Tim Bayer

Won Over By Reality

By Tim Bayer

My video for escapism.
Mad Ravens working together.

Tim BayerBRIGHTON New York—(Weekly Hubris)—November 2016—Our editor, Elizabeth Boleman-Herring (who works astonishingly hard and is amazingly effective at keeping Weekly Hubris afloat and moving, icebergs notwithstanding) has challenged us to produce columns on the theme of “evil.” I accepted the challenge . . . by going AWOL (“Run away! Run away!”). You see, I need an escape from the US presidential election, which certainly embodies many of the aspects of evil.

Quick side bar: before I go off on a rant, if you missed my last post, here’s a link to “The Only Home We’ve Ever Known.

The country I love, America, has (unbelievably) produced two presidential candidates who are simply horrible (in my humble opinion). Both are demonstrably deceitful and both are widely disliked. I wish to have nothing to do with either, and it embarrasses me to be forced into an association with with one or the other simply because I am an American. And now, I am tasked with voting for a president? Ughhhh! Perhaps my brother Bryan said it best: “I will have to plug my nose when I go to vote on Tuesday.”

Here is my tie-in to the theme of evil: if lying and deceit are the foundation of corruption and evil, I am going the other direction to post a video demonstrating what can be accomplished when people agree, effectively and honestly communicate, and harmoniously work together . . . in this case, producing something beautiful to watch.

Click the video link below to see footage from the first FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship; here, the Czech Team, “MAD RAVENS.”

PS: If you need a double hit of flying escapism, you can check out another indoor skydiving video in my previous post, “Dances With Wind

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