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Diana Farr Louis was born in the Big Apple but has lived in the Big Olive (Athens, Greece) far longer than she ever lived in the US. She was a member of the first Radcliffe class to receive a degree (in English) from Harvard . . . and went to Greece right after graduation, where she lost her heart to the people and the landscape. She spent the next year in Paris, where she learned to eat and cook at Cordon Bleu, and earned her first $15. for writing—a travel piece for The International Herald Tribune. Ever since, travel and food have been among her favorite occupations and preoccupations. She moved to Greece in 1972, found just the right man, and has since contributed to almost every English-language publication in Athens, particularly The Athens News. That ten-year collaboration resulted in two books, Athens and Beyond, 30 Day Trips and Weekends, and Travels in Northern Greece. Wearing her food hat, by no means a toque, she has written for Greek Gourmet Traveler, The Art of Eating, Sabor, and such websites as Elizabeth Boleman-Herring’s She is the author of two cookbooks, Prospero’s Kitchen, Mediterranean Cooking of the Ionian Islands from Corfu to Kythera (with June Marinos), and Feasting and Fasting in Crete. Most recently she co-edited A Taste of Greece, a collection of recipes, memories, and photographs from well-known personalities united by their love of Greece, in aid of the anti-food waste charity, Boroume. (See Louis' Author Page for links to her her titles.)

Labyrinthine Tales: Buying & Selling Land In Greece

“He started collecting all the paperwork, voluminous, even though no house had ever been built there, and had almost completed the process when, two days before the deal was to be signed, one tax still remained unpaid, and seemingly unpayable.”—Diana Farr Louis  Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis ATHENS Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—October […]

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Summer-House Blues (Pinks, Yellows & Mauves)

“Your very vivid description of the house last week reminded me again why I  NEVER wanted to own a house in the country (although I am very happy to have relatives and friends who do).”—Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis ANDROS, Greece—(Weekly Hubris)—June 2019—“Your very vivid description of the […]

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Christening Amongst The Unorthodox Orthodox (Best of Hubris)

“Not long ago, we went to a christening in a sweet little church just outside Athens. The ceremony unfolded the way it’s meant to: the priest was benignly pious, the baby howled when dunked in the font, the parents beamed throughout, and the guests were delighted with such a good excuse for a party. I […]

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Happy Lent!

“I’m writing just after the last weekend of Carnival in Greece, which comes to a close not with an Ash Wednesday but with a Clean Monday. This gives Greeks three days on which to celebrate rather than just a single Fat Tuesday. And it seems to me that, despite all the parades and pranks of […]

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Maroussi On My Mind

“It was then I began to feel like Rip Van Winkle. Nothing in our old neighborhood bears any resemblance to the charming quarter of only 20 years ago. When I first arrived, the streets were unpaved and occasionally hosted flocks of sheep.”—Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis ATHENS […]

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Recipes for Comfort of the Wintry Soul

“Even though I majored in English Literature in college, I was never fond of Ezra Pound’s poetry (or politics). Even though T. S. Eliot dedicated ‘The Waste Land’ to him, calling him il miglior fabbro—the best maker—because of his valuable editing (and playing on the original Greek meaning of the word poietes, maker/creator/poet), to me […]

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Christmas in Athens: An Ancient Greek Reminisces

Eating Well Is The Best Revenge By Diana Farr Louis The iconic Greek family at their dinner table. “When I was young, growing up on Long Island, my father used to bring home The New York World-Telegram and Sun when he came back from his Wall Street office in the evening. Every Christmas season, I looked […]

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Athens Is The New Athens (Revisited)

“This column, first published last May, was the result of several months spent exploring The Big Olive for a new book, 111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn’t Miss. I intended it as a teaser. Now the book has been released and so I’m hoping you’ll reread this and rush out to buy it, from […]

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The Summer That Came & Went

“The summer’s unseasonal storms, which did more harm than good, followed a rainless winter and spring. Even as early as mid-June, not long after we arrived to stay, locals were telling dire tales of trickling springs, water rationing in the main towns, and rivers reduced to dry beds.”—Diana Farr Louis Eating Well Is The Best […]

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Montofoli: A World Apart

“Our hostess explains, laughing, that the name of this estate/vineyard in southern Evia probably means Mount of Leaves, from the Italian foglie, but that it could just as easily be Monto Folly or Mount of Fools. ‘It was madness to buy it and you have to be crazy to work as hard as we have to […]

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