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Sanford Rose, of New Jersey and Florida, served as Associate Editor of Fortune Magazine from 1968 till 1972; Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank in 1972; Senior Editor of Fortune between 1972 and 1979; and Associate Editor, Financial Editor and Senior Columnist of American Banker newspaper between 1979 and 1991. From 1991 till 2001, Rose worked as a consultant in the banking industry and a professional ghost writer in the field of finance. He has also taught as an adjunct professor of banking at Columbia University and an adjunct instructor of economics at New York University. He states that he left gainful employment in 2001 to concentrate on gain-less investing. (A lifelong photo-phobe, Rose also claims that the head shot accompanying his Weekly Hubris columns is not his own, but belongs, instead, to a skilled woodworker residing in South Carolina.)

The Four World War Ones (Best of “Hubris”)

“World War One broke out three times (nearly) before it finally broke out. In the same place and for the same reason: the conflict between Austria-Hungary and Russia over hegemony in the Balkans—the powder keg of Europe that German ‘Iron Chancellor’ Bismarck once said was not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier.”—Sanford Rose […]

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The Russians Came, The Russians Came!

Note: Sanford Rose has approached July’s monthly theme, “Home,” by reminding us what nation is truly responsible for our living today in the “land of the free and home of the brave” —namely, the (former) Soviet Union.  Dolors & Sense By Sanford Rose KISSIMMEE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—7/4/2016—Now is the patriotic time of year—Memorial Day, followed hard […]

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America in My Father’s Day

“Despite computers and the robotics they spawn, the rate of advance in output per unit of labor and capital input is far more sluggish than it was when my father lived. The commonplace is often more productive than the marvelous. Measured in terms of its effects on efficiency and economic growth, the washing machine is […]

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Trade’s Not Just About Trade: It’s About Class & Caste

“To avoid the kind of class warfare that festers just below the surface of our increasingly uncivil society, the rich and affluent must surrender a portion of their gains, not just from trade but also from superior educational achievements and a preferential tax system, to help the underclass.”—Sanford Rose Dolors & Sense By Sanford Rose […]

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Growing Up in Orange County (Florida) Sucks

“To be sure, poverty begets poverty. But it is not the sole determinant. Much depends on where in the US you grow up poor. Children of poor parents in some parts of the country exhibit strikingly greater upward-income mobility than do those in other parts of the country.”—Sanford Rose Dolors & Sense By Sanford Rose […]

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Was the Great Depression a Happy Event?

“It turns out that the middle period, 1920-1970, was the golden age for the growth in the American standard of living. Though the number of hours worked fell (reflecting the transition to a workweek of 40 and then 35 hours) and therefore, as noted, output per capita had to rise more slowly than gains in […]

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Ben Bernanke: My Hero?

“Bernanke’s discussion of the failure of the Fed and the Treasury to prevent Lehman’s collapse savors of a legalism that is somewhat inconsistent with the boldness of his many successful central-banking ploys. Equally misguided was his advocacy of using TARP money for bank capital infusions rather than for mortgage modifications.” —Sanford Rose Dolors & Sense […]

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Trump’s Trumpery

“I suppose people have forgotten that the word “trumpery” originally meant deceit, from the French ‘tromperie.’ It has since evolved to mean useless trifles. Either definition suits the twaddle of The Donald, who demonstrates a particular animus toward America’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.” —Sanford Rose Dolors & Sense By Sanford Rose KISSIMMEE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—10/12/2015—I suppose […]

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The None-Too-Merry Merry Go Round

“So, in effect, government is taxing the rich, who provide most of the revenue to fund transfers, in order to enable the poor to pay for a relatively unchanging healthcare package that has become progressively more expensive and whose provision fattens the wallets of hospital and health-insurance executives, doctors, and other healthcare providers.” —Sanford Rose […]

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Dispatches from OO

“There is a therapy . . . which has proven efficacious . . . in improving joint function . . . . But you are not likely to hear about it from your orthopaedist.”—By Sanford Rose Dolors & Sense By Sanford Rose KISSIMMEE Florida—(Weekly Hubris)—7/28/2014—Dispatches from OO? Remember that I live at the junction of […]

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